What’s the tooth fairy’s going rate these days???

MaM has been anticipating turning five with as much gusto as anyone I ever met (remember, I teach 3-6 yr olds), and she FINALLY has a developmental milestone that proves she is so close to five she can almost taste it.

For months, she’s been talking about “wiggly teeth”. Months. Last time we were at the dentist, MaM had her double check to make sure the doc hadn’t missed a wiggly one.

This morning she told me she had a wiggly tooth, and I merely “yessed” her. I was probably changing a diaper or pouring coffee or something when she told me.

Tonight at dinner, after she cried because her hard bread was too hard for her wiggly tooth, I inspected.

MaM has her first loose tooth!!!

I’ll be honest it took me by surprise, and it kind of took my breath away. I mean really, didn’t she just get these teeth? Didn’t we ache and moan for months to get these teeth? Four short years later, and she’s on to the next best thing.

I immediately thought of my favorite tooth-related book as a kid– Molly and the Slow Teeth. She, apparently, will be NO Molly!

Do you have a fav book about the topic of tooth-losing? It is SUCH a big deal in grades K-2 or so. Inquiring minds want to know!

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  1. My kids liked to read “Arthur’s Loose Tooth.” Congrats to MaM! And to answer your title question, our tooth fairy leaves a book and a dollar for the first tooth. 50 cents for the 2nd and 3rd and usually forgets to show up after that.

  2. Oh I like the idea of getting a book for the first tooth…I shall have to go shopping SOON for it, and I will need to make sure we’ve got some $$ around too….very fun! Thanks, Amy!

  3. No no no no no no!!! They CANNOT be starting to lose their teeth already. One of these days, very soon, I’m going to have an absolute nervous breakdown that these two are growing up SOOOO quickly!!!

    Personally, I may be the only parent out there who thinks a dollar is WAAAAY overboard. I do understand inflation, but c’mon…

    I’m planning on doing (although hubby may outvote me) something similar to what we received. We got collar COINS for the largest of molars. Other teeth were a 50 cent piece.

    Littl Rabbit’s Loose Tooth is my FAVE tooth book. And I think she only gets a dime….

    Do you know – My mom’s jewelry box contained 5 or 6 baby teeth at one time. I don’t recall how she explained those away, when we came across them at some point….

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