I’m Big, and Tall and I (Had) a Wiggly Tooth

Yesterday morning I asked MaM if she needed help getting something off of a shelf.

“No, I’ve got it.”

“Wow, MaM. When did you get so tall?”

“I’m Big, and Tall and I Have a Wiggly Tooth!” she retorted, as she poured milk into her cereal.

Less than 10 hours later……..

She lost that wiggly tooth.

We were “everybody all together” (as she used to call it), driving to the gym. She was blowing bubbles into my water bottle through the attached straw. All of a sudden, she shrieked. Then Jr shrieked.

“My tooth! My tooth! My tooth is out!”

She may as well have won the lottery. Randomly, there was an empty plastic egg in the van, so that has become the safe-keeping place. She showed her new space off to anyone who would look at the gym, called Grandma and Jane when we got home and was ready for the tooth fairy last night.

Except that she didn’t want the tooth fairy to take the tooth.

She’d like to keep it, and any more teeth she may lose, in her pink plastic egg. Forever and ever.

This tooth fairy is OK with that.

All I know about Internet Bandwidth

So last week I hit an error message when I logged on here, at my little  internet home. It was a message I hadn’t seen before, and honestly the first error message I’ve ever gotten since switching to WordPress last year.

It included the words “bandwidth”, which made me pretty sure that this was a hosting issue, not anything I could solve on my own. Lucky for me I am on a first-name basis with my hosting service, eh??

I emailed my friend and internet server host, Dan, and I was up and rolling in minutes. Later that week at dinner, we talked about what happened.

Turns out, for the first time in Gotchababy history, I had exceeded the bandwidth he’d allotted me. So I asked how that had happened, and he took me into Box Crush headquarters for a peek at my server stats to explain. I’m probably missing a few key elements, but here’s what I got from our conversation:

Bandwidth is the space on his server each website takes. Each website has an amount that is preset for each month.

Articles or blog posts, along with images, on the front page of your blog/website take up a certain amount of bandwidth. Each time a visitor comes to your site,  she takes up that amount of bandwidth. So the more traffic you get, the more bandwidth you use. The more posts you post, along with more images, the more bandwidth you use.

So let’s look at last week:

I posted about the Jr.’s birthday with photos.

I posted about Father’s day with photos.

I participated in IComLeWe, which bumped up my traffic.

I also participated in Works for Me Wednesday, which bumped up my traffic.

Kind of a perfect storm for using up bandwidth, especially toward the end of the month.

It’s still not as easy to measure as, say, user minutes on a mobile phone, but it does make a little more sense– did I miss any key points, Dan???

John Morell Introduces Allergen-Free Line

My year of  label reading and obsessing over what to feed MaM when she was two years old has forever changed me, for the better, I think. I have become an avid label-reader in general, and much more conscious and accommodating when planning events for guests with food allergies/sensitivities.

When Mom Central sent out call to promote John Morell’s new line of allergen-free meats, I signed up, because I feel it’s important to support food manufacturers who make a true effort to understand food allergies  and a good product that is safe for all to eat.

John Morell has done just that. Their new line of allergen-free products is are made in an allergen-free facility, which is so important for families dealing with severe allergies. Their products are milk, fish, soy, egg, nut and wheat free. It might seem like those allergens shouldn’t be around processed meat anyway, but as I learned when Mam was so sensitive, milk and wheat do sometimes find their way into processed products when you least expect it.

The new allergen-free line is easy to identify with a blue ribbon on the package. You can learn more about their products on their new Facebook Fan page, where you can also print coupons to try these great tasting products!

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of John Morell and received a John Morell coupon to facilitate my review. Mom Central also sent me gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate.” www.momcentral.com