The Sweet Spot: Halloween 2015 

On October 1, the countdown began- only 30 more days till Halloween!


Somehow, we made it through the month, and then the glorious day was upon us. On October 30, thekids were happy to get ready for bed – because “when we wake up, it will be Halloween!”

Saturday afternoon Meg & I got our Pinterest on, making these adorable pudding cups. Clearly, the Pinterest project had a stylist. But ours were cute enough & Meg was pleased. We loaded them up & headed out to a much anticipated Halloween party. All of us had a blast- the kids had fun playing some Halloween games, and even the parents danced to the Halloween party soundtrack.

We got home just in time for Trick or Treating, and the kids went straight out. LKM & I tag teamed, and after about 90 mins, their buckets were full & their feet were tired.

We wrapped up the eve king snacking on candy & watching Catch Me If You Can. They stayed up a smidge late, but went right to sleep.And then in a move I’ve never seen before- they both slept past 0:dark thirty, despite the time change!

We are in the sweet spot, indeed.


Stinky Toes Design

You know how sometimes you meet people, and you keep running into them? Or  later on you find out there’s something else you have in common?

Last fall I met Amy of  Stinky Toes Design. I bought my grandmother a necklace with her initial (she’s known around her assisted living center as Catherine-with-a-C) on it and I’ve never seen her without it on since. According to my mother (who sees her weekly), my grandma almost ALWAYS wears her necklace, which makes me happy.

I’m on Amy’s mailing list, and I’ve become a frequenter of her blog, and then all of a sudden, there was an ANNOUNCEMENT. (do you know where this is going yet?)

Amy and her family is in the process of adopting from Africa.

Amy makes beautiful jewelry with metal and paper and glass.

Amy now makes beautiful jewelry which you may just find fitting for someone you know who has an adoption connection in some way.

Amy makes amazing pendants featuring vintage maps, and vintage dictionary pages.  I remember talking to her about it last fall.

Just think about the possibilities with that.

So go see what’s she’s created–it’s pretty amazing stuff, and her family is embarking on an amazing journey.

Amending the Best Laid Plans

We are at my parents’ house this weekend, bur really I’m writing this from the hotel where the Mr. & I spent our wedding night 9 yrs ago.

The power was knocked out at my parents’ house over 24 hrs ago, and th party we were supposed to throw for Jr in their backyard had to be reorganized quickly.

We ended up at the discovery center we enjoyed over spring break. Everyone had a blast, and as a bonus, ibdisntbhave to do the dishes!

How is it that this handsome, handsome boy is turning TWO Monday?