Movin’ on from the Minivan

In some ways, I don’t remember life before my minivan. It’s traveled almost 200,000 miles with me – I’ve spent the equivalent of weeks waiting in car pickup lines, carried two tons worth of stuff to Goodwill, and moved an arsenal of Girl Scout cookies. It’s great knowing I can always carry a week’s worth of groceries and 4-6 people should the occasion arise, but let’s be honest, the occasion doesn’t arise very often.

So after 10 years and a whole lot of driving, I’m thinking it’s time for something different. Enter

It’s never fun to car shop with kids, so we’ve learned to do as much research as possible online.  Enter the review tool– just pick a make, model and year, and you can read the good, the bad and the ugly.

I’m still looking for cargo space, and need the back seat to fit at least two near-teenagers (eek!). The doors don’t need to slide, and I don’t care if there are anchors for the carseats. Cupholders and power sources are crucial, a DVD player not so much.

Have you moved on from your minivan? What did you get next?

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Indiana Getaway: Fun in Fabulous Fort Wayne

We have reached the mid-point of summer break- time is just flying! After recovering from the boy’s birthday bash, we were ready for another adventure. Some years,we take BIG trips (NYC! Disney! Smoky Mountains!). Other years, we keep it local. This year is officially the year of the one-tank getaway. Where, oh where in Indiana can we go on one tank of gas?

Today’s answer: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Our welcome package. Tangerine and JackO'Lantern came with us everywhere!
Our welcome package. Tangerine and JackO’Lantern came with us everywhere!

Here are a few reasons why our trip was pretty much the perfect one-night getaway:

For Wayne is just under two hours away (from the NE side) from Indy. This means we didn’t even have to make a pit stop on our way there.

Fort Wayne is easy to get around- we stayed at the Hotel Fort Wayne, which is right off the highway, and pretty direct access to downtown. Everything we needed was 10-15 minutes away.

Downtown Fort Wayne looks like a downtown- there are tall buildings and what not- but it’s easy to navigate and parking was a breeze.

So theres’ the framework- just far enough away from home, easy to get around and easy to park. Now, on to the attractions…


IMG_7533What kid doesn’t love a hotel? I’ve been reading all kinds of accounts of summer fun, and just about everyone comments on how much kids love hotel pools and hotel beds and hotel television. Our kids are no exception. They pretty much wanted to move in to the Hotel Fort Wayne. Our hotel room was a double, and we were comfortable for the night. The conceirge level was closed the day we were there, but we were provided with some in room snacks, and breakfast from the restaurant the next day. We didn’t spend much time in the room on Tuesday, but Wednesday morning we went to the pool after breakfast.

It’s the kind of hotel pool I LOVED as a kid. I remember being about 10 and staying at a hotel with an indoor/outdoor pool. Things like that make an impression. The kahuna kids swam until I lured them out with “We are going to the Zoo!!!”


After checking into our hotel, we headed to Science Central. This hands on science center was a great time- both kids really enjoyed all of the activities. MaM “walked on the moon” and both kids had fun trying to beat their times on the Giant Slide. Leilan was brave enough to try the elevated bike ride as the rest of us cheered him on. There’s also a spot for kids 7 & under that includes a water table, which was a huge hit with my 7 year old! I’ll be writing more details about Science Central on Indy with Kids in the next couple of weeks- stay tuned!


We headed downtown after Science Central. The art museum would have been a quick stop had it not been for the early childhood room there. The galleries had some interesting pieces, but it was a five minute walk through at most for the kids. We spent over an hour in the early childhood room, however, which made the trip worth it. The kids had fun building with all kinds of blocks, and drawing on paper and a dry erase wall.


We headed over to the legendary hot dog diner before the Tincaps game. The Kahuna kids love a good counter restuarant, and Fort Wayne’s Famous  Coney Island Weiner Stand did not disappoint. Coney dogs, hamburgers, and plain hot dogs were ordered, and we all enjoyed. The staff was incredibly friendly and we really enjoyed the meal. The menu is very limited- burgers, dogs, chili, chips and drinks.


IMG_7523From there we walked to Parkview Field for the Tincaps game. Every summer we try to make it to at least one baseball game, and I was glad we were able to branch out from our usual hometown team. Parkview Field is known as a great baseball field, and after seeing a game, I can see why. We were able to get seats right on the third baseline, and watch the opposing team’s pitcher warm up. Even from third base, it was easy to see home plate and first base. There was entertainment between innings, and plenty of crowd-participation activities. The kids also really enjoyed the Kid Zone, where they both kept busy for about thirty minutes before the game started. For $10, they each got 6 tickets to spend on bouncing/inflatable attractions, and they had a great time. We enjoyed some snacks, and cheered the Tincaps onto a win.

An added bonus: Parkview Filed is open daily as a walking track to the general public. What a great use of a community space!



This zoo is amazing. I am so glad we finally got there after about five summers of saying, “We should really go to the Fort Wayne Zoo.” The parking is easy, and everything about the zoo is set up for families. Want to bring in your lunch? Fine. Need to push a giant triplets stroller? Fine- it should fit everywhere. Need a bathroom or a water fountain? They’re everywhere. And all of the animal displays bring you up close to the animals. During our visit, we were just one glass pane away from a lion, with in arm’s reach of penguins, and close to many other animals as well. There were so many animals, including colorful birds and all kinds of monkeys. We spent about four hours at the zoo, and could have spent more- we definitely didn’t see everything.



I highly recommend taking some time to explore Fort Wayne. It was an easy trip, and the kids want to make plans to return. Several times during our trip, the kids commented, “This is fun!” “What a nice day!” “Can we come back here soon?” There are plenty of parks to explore, more eateries to experience, and attractions to see. There are plenty of locally owned restaurants, and blocks to explore downtown.

Disclosure: Thanks to Visit Fort Wayne for coordinating our trip!


A Howling Fun Sunday

I love it when a plan comes together. Earlier this spring, my friend Liz and I were discussing assorted Indiana attractions, and we thought it’d be fun to take our families together to see Wolf Park. As luck would have it, we were able to coordinate calendars, and last Sunday, we headed north.

Wolf Park is only a few minutes off of I-65, so it was an easy trip. When we arrived, we were able to join the 2:15p tour.

Wolf Park, West Lafayette, Indiana
Signs make it easy to learn the wolves’ names.

Wolf Park, West Lafayette, Indiana








Wolf Park offers tours during operating hours, and it’s the only way to see the wolves and coyotes. While we waited for the tour to begin, we could visit the foxes, who were quite entertaining.

Wolf Selfie!

On our tour, we started strolling around Turtle Lake, the park’s largest enclosure. We were able to see many of the wolves in the smaller enclosure as we made our way around. As we walked, our tour guide gave us a lot of really interesting information.

Wolf Park walking tour
Our tour group was good-sized for a steamy June afternoon.









We also got to see coyotes, and learn how they differ from wolves. Coyotes are much smaller, and and a lot more common. They also howl  – and we were able to howl with them (wolves are mostly silent, btw)! Wolf Park is also home to a herd of bison, which were fun to see. They are apparently a very low maintenece animal, aside from vet checks every so often, they are left largely to themselves.

One of the foxes we all became smitten with.

The last stop on our tour were the foxes again, and these adorable little creatures captured our attention. Scarlett and Joker were very active, climbing all over the place,

After our adventure at the park, our own cubs were famished. We headed out to Triple XXX, of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives fame. It did not disappoint. Liz & I ordered the famous peanut butter burger, while the guys picked more traditional burgers. We inhaled the fresh root beer, and even had a little room for dessert. Triple XXX is also #33 on the Burgers, Brews & Dogs food trail– the perfect trail for summer family travel.

me & liz
Friends who blog together, stay together!
Everyone sits at the counter at Triple XXX, which was just fine with our clan.












All in all, our little adventure was about a half day long- it was a perfect Sunday excursion. Still on our list around Lafayette is Prophetstown State Park. We’ve been to the waterpark there, but not the working farm. Maybe our two families will make before the end of the summer!

Disclosure: Thanks, Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette, for the admission to Wolf Park – we really enjoyed our visit!