Coming Full Circle in Four Years

This week I found myself sitting in on the volunteer training session for kindergarten. In addition to a background check, parents who would like to volunteer have to also attend a short training seminar. I was mildly amused by the whole thing.


Well, four years ago I would have been the teacher advising the volunteers. I would have been the one coming up with ways for parents to be involved. I would have been the one reminding parents the importance of being punctual.

Funny how four years can change all that.

Four years ago I was teaching preschool and kindergarten.

Three years ago I was forced to reinvent myself, mostly while hanging out with my two year old.

Two years ago we settled into a groove with a new career, a preschooler and a first grader.

The groove was a good one, so we’ve stayed there. Only now with a kindergartner and a third grader, there’s less driving and I’m able to do things.

Like volunteer in kindergarten.

It’s not a bad place to be. Not a bad place to be at all.

What were you doing four years ago? Are you doing it today? Clearly, Andrew has grown and changed!


Life in 600 words or less

You’d think one of the snowiest Indiana winters on record would lend itself to blogging, but not so much. Mostly I’ve spent this winter chasing after the boy, who is growing every single day. He’s talking a mile a minute, obsessed with cars and it’s really hard to be in a bad mood when he’s around. I don’t think I’ve documented his life here as well as I have MaM’s, which is sad for me, but probably in ten years he’ll thank me for it.

Here’s the thing — I have been blogging a lot, just not here. I’m posting almost daily over at Persephone. It’s a lot of fun to be part of blog that churns out 15+ posts per day– a little insane, but very fun. What’s more fun is that I’m working virtually with two friends from college (Selena and Sara B.). Today’s kind of a big day over there because one of our writer’s had a post picked up and cross posted by MSNBC. How cool is that? The general audience at Persephone, I’m learning, is about 10 years younger and 90 degrees more liberal than me, but I’m loving it anyway. People probably envision me as a little old grandma posting my posts via passenger pigeon, but they’re very polite about it. Here’s a post I wrote about my minivan, and the conversation continues into the comments.

I’ve also been writing articles about once a month for Savvy Source in addition to my weekly city guide duties. It’s been great fun, and I won’t lie– I love and respect that fact that Savvy Source pays in actual money for the work that I do. It’s novel, and it’s appreciated.

The other things that’s been taking up time (in a good way) is my actual part-time job — I’ve been with BoxCrush now for several months and I’m loving it. It gives me ways to geek out that don’t come up in my every day life, and I get to be around grownups (who, as a bonus, are friends) and I am learning a ton.

So, I’m working Monday and Thursday, getting Savvy stuff done on Tuesday, getting posts up at Grown in My Heart monthly, and spending some time doing Persephone tasks daily.

And this week? Tomorrow? I’m going to the statehouse to take part in a round table discussion with Lt. Governor Skillman. I’m excited to see the panel of bloggers assembled, and I’m excited to talk about the issues with Lt. Governor Skillman. The topics of education and healthcare seem to be high on everyone’s list. Let me know if there’s a topic you’d like for me to bring up, if you’re reading this in the next 24 hr or so!

So that the boy doesn’t feel slighted, I’ll leave you with a conversation we had today:

“You take me down and Daddy picks me up.”

“”I take you down?”

“To my rainbow day.” (that’s what he calls the two days per week he goes to daycare)

“I drop you off at rainbow?”

“Yes. And daddy picks me up. And MaM.”

“That’s right, Daddy and MaM pick you up.”

“And you. And Daddy. And MaM. And me. That’s my family.”

“That is your family.”

“I love you, Mom.”

“I love you too buddy, I love you too.”

MaM and the boy at the IMA in January. Don'y you love his hand in his pocket?

Thursday Thirteen: Careers I Won’t Pursue

Today’s my 37th birthday.

It’s my 6th (?) ¬†week on unemployment. Since my lay-off came at the end of summer vacation, I haven’t had a hard time “adjusting” to my new routine, really. But sooner or later (ok, I’ve got 94 weeks) the unemployment will come to an end, and I will need to at least try something else out to see if it’s what I want to be when I grow up. I haven’t quite hit on what it is I’d lik to do, so instead I thought I’d start eliminating careers instead.

1) Medical Doctor: the amount of school required, along with the insane hours is enough to automatically remove this path from my list of possible careers.

2) Lawyer: again with the schooling, along with the hours.

3) Air Traffic Controller: the schooling, the hours, the stress…. I’m noticing a pattern, are you? It looks like I don’t want really want a high-pressure, super-engaging job at this point in my life.

4) Radio DJ. I’ve listened to the same music since college. Would you listen to a station whose playlist only included REM, Dave Matthews, and Depeche Mode, with the occasional Glee Mash Up thrown in? I wouldn’t.

5) Baker: True confession– I SUCK at baking from scratch.I don’t think there’s much of a market for baking from a box.

6) House Cleaner: True Story, I cleaned hotel rooms one summer. It sucked. Also, I can’t keep my own house clean, so the chances I could keep someone else’s house clean is slim to none.

7) Bartender: I am, what my husband calls, “a spiller”. Probably I shouldn’t work somewhere that requires “not spilling” on a regular basis!

8) Hairdresser: I never once, as a kid, thought I could cut my own hair. I think there’s a reason for this….

9) Nail tech: I have spilled (see #7) nail polish on carpets, bedspreads and more. Probably not the best choice.

10) Stylist to the Stars: The key to my fashion sense is simple — if it’s on sale, I buy it; if it’s clean, it can be worn. Somehow, I think the likes of Oprah are expecting something more than that.

11) Graphic Designer: note the lack of header on this here blog. Enough said.

12) Candle Maker: I saw the old timey people at the local history park give a workshop on the this. It takes a LONG time. I sometimes forget I’ve set things in the oven/on the range to cook. Until I can master rice, I should stay away from candle making, me thinks.

13) Chiropractor: I’ve been going to one for years, but there is NO WAY I could twist someone’s neck. NO. WAY. And I’m pretty sure that’s a job requirement.

So there you have it — thirteen careers I can knock off my list without a second thought. If I keep narrowing it down, I may very well discover what it is I’m meant to do next…..

So tell me — what’s a job/career that you can just mark of your list as “NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN”? Come on, you can tell me!

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