Falling into a New Routine

Here in Indiana, it’s mid-term time for the first grading period. Weird, but true. The outdoor pools have closed, the sun’s setting earlier, and our school routine is becoming second nature.

I was nervous about the beginning of this new school year – there’s a second school in the mix, a bus ride and a lot of other newness. After five weeks, I can say we’re getting there. Mam is having fun trying out new clubs at school, along with scouts and fun with new friends.  The Fox is happy to continue scouts and swimming, and he’s looking forward to basketball.

With all kids at different schools and different schedules, I was super excited to receive an email from Goldfish Swim School – online booking is now available. This means if we need to reschedule a lesson,  I can log into the portal and quickly find a make up class. Another perk is that the average age of the children in each class (never more than 4 per group) is listed – so you can pick a class with your child’s peers.

Happy Fall to you and yours. If you need us , we might be at a scout meeting, or a choir performance or in pickup line after clubs or watching the Fox swim at Goldfish, or at the dog park with our new (to us) dog. Because somehow that happened, and probably that’s a blog post all its own! Stay tuned.

Movin’ on from the Minivan

In some ways, I don’t remember life before my minivan. It’s traveled almost 200,000 miles with me – I’ve spent the equivalent of weeks waiting in car pickup lines, carried two tons worth of stuff to Goodwill, and moved an arsenal of Girl Scout cookies. It’s great knowing I can always carry a week’s worth of groceries and 4-6 people should the occasion arise, but let’s be honest, the occasion doesn’t arise very often.

So after 10 years and a whole lot of driving, I’m thinking it’s time for something different. Enter cars.com.

It’s never fun to car shop with kids, so we’ve learned to do as much research as possible online.  Enter the cars.com review tool– just pick a make, model and year, and you can read the good, the bad and the ugly.

I’m still looking for cargo space, and need the back seat to fit at least two near-teenagers (eek!). The doors don’t need to slide, and I don’t care if there are anchors for the carseats. Cupholders and power sources are crucial, a DVD player not so much.

Have you moved on from your minivan? What did you get next?

*Disclosure: Thanks to cars.com for sponsoring today’s discussion. 

Swimming Through Summer: Goldfish Swim School Giveaway

We are almost to the halfway point of our ridiculously early Indiana summer break – we’ve been on vacation (hello, Florida!) and the kids are finishing week three of assorted daycamps. VBS has also come and gone.

The fox turned NINE yesterday, and I finally got to let the cat out of the bag that WE ARE GOING TO SEE HAMILTON IN JULY and I am so so happy about that.

Many of our school routines have gone out the window- there’s tv before supper, there’s hardly any showering because SWIMMING, and in general, we are lying about like sloths every chance we get.

One constant we are keeping is attending Goldfish Swim School. MaM has just a few weeks left on the swim team before she ages out. The fox is working diligently on his breaststroke like it’s his job. As much as they’re swimming nearly every day at camp, they are mostly splashing around with friends in a free swim situation.

Last summer I didn’t ever get around to signing them up for lessons. I knew they could use some refreshing on technique, but suddenly I blinked and it was mid-July. I couldn’t pick a day of the week for weekly lessons, because each week was slightly different, and well, I was the picture of indecisiveness.


From now through the end of July, Goldfish locations in Fishers and Carmel are offering weekly clinics – pick one week, one time slot and get five :30 lessons out of the way. Instead of once a week for a month, go every day for a week. How convenient is that? And since these are indoor facilities, summer storms won’t rain out your lessons (we’ve had that happen), and the water is always a comfortable 90 degrees, so half of the lesson isn’t spent coercing teeny tiny kids into freezing water (we’ve also had that happen).

Are you ready to try a Jump Start clinic* for your child? Enter below to win one free Jump Start clinic at either their Fishers or Carmel, Indiana location and spread the word for more entries!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*the prize is one jump start clinic at either the Fishers or Carmel location during July 2017- be sure you’ve got a week to do this, please! 

Disclosure: Thanks to Goldfish Swim School for partnering with us  to build my school-age swimmers’ confidence in exchange for my honest review of their programs!