The Next Step

For today’s installment of “How the Ear Goo Oozes”, let’s explore other sources of infected mucus, shall we?

The doc yesterday explained to me that one reason the body produces mucus is in response to GERD–acid burns, so the body produces mucus to lessen the burning effects. The foods that she’s been avoiding could be agrevating her stomache/esphagus, which would then cause excess mucus, which would then cause the sinus issues she’s been having.
Sometimes, with GERD, a chid may have trouble sleeping on a flat surface. A chronic cough may develop due to aspirating stomach acid. Ear infections happen with the pooling and festering of the excess mucus. A child may have a chronic sore throat or tummy ache or heart burn due to acid. A child may not have much of an appetite due to the tummy ache caused by acid.
Sound like anyone you’ve read about on this blog??
I called our GP today, and he prescribed Prevacid. It will take some time to see any difference, but I’m thinking that if this is problem, we might see an improvement in bedtime, in wake-up time (her need for rice milk 1st thing in the morning is intense. INTENSE I tell you), an increase in appetite….
Because she’s done OK with all of her alternative foods, she’s going to stay on them for the moment. If we see some improvements, we may introduce one of the foods we’ve currently eliminated. I don’t want to give her the green light on everything, and then have to take it away again (as she gets older, I’m sure it will get harder).
So, food allergy moms, I know who you are. Any moms of kiddos with GERD out there? Anyone???

I interrupt my political rantings…

to say, we’re going. We’re going to an allergist that is. Because we are back on the ear infection train and can’t get off. When your three year old wakes up and says, “Mama, I have an ear infection” and the doc confirms it (and says, “there’s so much fluid in her ear I can’t see the tube”), it’s time. 

I made the appt today and we’re going Oct. 14th. Is it wrong to be excited about this? 
You may be wondering, “Um, don’t you have an allergist?” The short answer is no. We got her tested through our ENT’s office, who is used to the run of the mill seasonal allergiers treated with shots and meds. He was of the mindset she’d grow out of these bad boys soon, so had us meet with a dietician, but not an allergist. 
For a good long while, she did well. But now? Not so much. So we’re going to the pediatric allergist at the children’s hospital round these parts. I am praying that he has the answer for her. 
P.S. On the political rantings side, I’ve watched more C-Span on YouTube these past two days than I have my entire life. I’m obsessed, enthralled and thrilled that people are speaking out–and Congress is listening (or appearing to, for you know, fear of losing their seats).

Just in time for back to school…

I’ve been such a blog slacker lately….I have all sorts of things in my head, but it’s much easier to read blogs and play with applications on Facebook (just pointing and clicking) than actually typing with two hands and compiling semi-coherent thoughts….

For the moment, however, all is peaceful and I am going to take a moment to….gush about a lunch box.

About a month ago, a friend sent me a link to, citing how fabulous they were, and how Montessori they were, and she knew I would dig them. I did dig them, but then looked at the price and dismissed them. After all, I’m a tiny container queen, why would I need a box for all of them?? (ha! the entire cabinet dedicated to them isn’t reason enough??)

A few days later, we were at a get together, and she showed me the aforementioned lunch box. OMG. I was in love. And I also had the discount code to to get a good deal on one. So good a deal that I bought two. Cause I’m crazy like that.

From the get go, MAM has LOVED this lunch box. She eats more food than if she’s just eating off a regular plate. Maybe it’s the colors, maybe it’s the compartments, I don’t know. But she loves it. The silverware is just her size, the water bottle is just her size, and the carrying case with the shoulder strap? Not only is it her size, she puts it on and says, “I’m like daddy, I’m going to work.” (Daddy is a huge fan of messenger style laptop bags)

Ever since getting our laptop lunch box, it seems to be popping up everywhere, including Parents magazine. There’s even a Flickr group. And here’s the thing–I’m having so much fun packing lunch, I might actually start using my Flickr account and join in the fun! I figure I can provide photographic inspiration for the food allergy set. You know, cause we always pack a lunch (or at least snacks. and snackies of all sorts fit in the lunch box). She starts school Monday–surely I’ll learn how to go mobile on Flickr by then…..