Progress -Looking Back on a Year of Year Round Swimming

There’s a saying that goes something like, “A year from now, you’ll be glad you started today.” There are plenty of things I could start, but one thing I’m glad we started a year ago was classes at Goldfish Swim School.

The Fox has been swimming now, weekly, for a year and a month, and the word that comes to mind is Progress. He started in a midlevel class – comfortable in the water, but not able to swim for much distance, and his strokes were limited.

Now he swims for an hour at time at Swim Force, and can complete lengths of the pool easily. His strokes are fluid, and he takes any critique seriously.

What he’s learned by sticking with swimming also applies outside the pool – when he starts to lose patience, I remind him that it took weeks for him to coordinate his butterfly, and now he’s really good at it.

Goldfish has been great not only for his technique, but his confidence. A year from now, I can’t imagine how far he’ll be able to swim!

Disclosure: Thanks to Goldfish Swim School for partnering with us  to build my school-age swimmers’ confidence in exchange for my honest review of their programs! 

Harlem Globetrotters – Family Fun During a Deep Freeze

Friends, we are living in the what feels like the arctic tundra in central Indiana. We’ve have below zero temps, school delays and cancellations, and the air is as dry as a desert. It’s really not how I prefer to live.

This past weekend, school was cancelled Friday, giving the kids a four day weekend since Monday was a holiday. Four days of figuring out inside amusements without giving into their dream of creating their own YouTube station.


As it turns out, yes! Basketball Saturday, swimming Sunday and then a Harlem Globetrotters game Monday kept everyone from climbing the walls.

The Harlem Globetrotters have made it a tradition to come through town on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday and play an afternoon game. This was the first time we’ve been to a game, but it won’t be our last. All four of us were entertained for two hours by tricks, stunts and slapstick comedy, all while watching Indiana’s favorite sport, basketball.

We cheered for the Globetrotters and booed for the Generals and laughed and laughed. We saw wild shots from the four point line (yes, the four point line) and more slam dunks than we could count.

The Globetrotters tour across the country year round, and are probably coming to a city near you this year. Ready to save money on some tickets?

Here’s an offer to save 25%!

Disclosure: Thanks to the USFamilyGuide & The Harlem Globetrotters for providing tickets to see this game in exchange for my honest review.

Gifts for Tween Girls: Show Us Your Spark MEGA Giveaway!

Gather your tweens around the Spark tree!

UPDATED- THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED- THANKS FOR ENTERING! If you are still looking for gifts for your tween, take a look at these rockin’ comments or head over to Show US Your Spark and use the code GOTCHA for 10% off! 

Remember when your girl was easy to buy for? When you could go down the aisle at the toy store, pick something with a character she liked and chances are, you could call it a win? Somewhere in these blog archives is a Christmas wish from my tween where she asked for simply a book and a candy cane.

Oh the good old days. Never mind that now she can stay home alone, cook simple meals for herself and do her own laundry, shopping
for her used to be much easier.


Enter: Show Us Your Spark.

This is the I am a friend box – complete with MadLibs, friendship bracelets and more.

Show Us Your Spark is the brain child of a friend of mine, and her two best friends. The original Spark Girls themselves, they have put together a subscription service that handpicks fun items for tweens to receive in the mail each month.  My tween received her first three month subscription for Christmas last year, and I’ve been renewing quarterly ever since because she enjoys them so much.

Each month she excitedly opens her box and finds nifty trinkets and inspiration. She’s been introduced to thought leaders, different cultures, unique crafts and more. The boxes often feature items from women entrepreneurs and small business owners.

In addition to entering the  Mega-Giveaway below, anyone who wants to start a subscription can use the code GOTCHA for a 10% savings.


Show Us Your Spark wants to spread the love this year with a mega giveaway to one lucky reader. They are giving away a set of TEN Spark boxes.  They’ll ship this mother-load of tween goodness to one lucky winner. (Prize shipped to US addresses only)

    • The themes included are:

      • I am Merry & Bright
      • I am Cozy
      • I am a Party Animal
      • I am a Bookworm
      • I am a Friend
      • I am Crafty
      • I am Curious
      • I am Mindful
      • I am Unique
      • I am Celebrating
How to Enter
Just follow the directions in Rafflecopter to play along – Good Luck! I’ll pick a lucky winner on Friday, December 15th!

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