13 Reasons I Haven’t Posted

1.) The Sickness– MAM was home sick Thursday-Tuesday. As she perked up, I went downhill fast. It didn’t last long for me, but it just sort of threw off a week’s worth of “to do” lists.

2.) Playing Catch Up-between MAM being sick, and then me getting sick right after, I hadn’t run a single errand in a whole week.
3.) Shopping for Birthday Presents-two nephews whose parties we missed, a niece and a nephew havign their party over the weekend….fun at Toys R Us for me!
4.) Securing Baptismal Clothing for Junior-we got the largest infant outfit JCPenney’s makes!
5.) Celebrating 105 yrs of Birthdays-the aforementioned neice and nephew, and my 95 yr old Grandma all rolled into a weekend of fun with both sides of the family.
6.) Figuring Out What to Do With 20lbs of Apples-my father in law so kindly distributed apples at the family birthday party. I wasn’t expecting that.
7.) Ordering the food for the Baptismal luncheon-YUM!
8.) Ordering the Cake -Double YUM!
9.) Enjoying a belated birthday lunch with girlfriends-it took til October, but two gal pals hosted lunch for me and another friend who have September birthdays. I never turn down a chance for birthday cake!
10.) Getting MAM something to wear for the Baptism, and an upcoming wedding. The girl is tall. Like size 5 tall.
11.) Making arrangements to travel to said wedding, we leave a week from tomorrow!
12.) Storing away any and all clothing that’s smaller than 6 months, and really evaluating those 6-9 month sleepers. The boy is a growin’.
13.) Doing all of the above, with my right hand man, Junior. All SEVENTEEN POUNDS of him! 🙂

3 Replies to “13 Reasons I Haven’t Posted”

  1. Shoot! Your post just reminded me that I fully intended to offer up AP’s christening gown, in case Jr. wanted to wear it! But now I’m not sure if it would have fit. I can’t remember if it was a 3-6 mo. or 6 mo size…… It’s Irish w/ embroidered shamrocks and everything! I meant to offer it months ago!!!! I’m so sorry.

    And apples? I put up applesauce in the freezer. My friend has somehow been making apple pie filling – I don’t know if she freezes it or cans it. My fave is apple crisp!

    Glad you’re back. Life still sounds crazy!

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