Thursday Thirteen: Careers I Won’t Pursue

Today’s my 37th birthday.

It’s my 6th (?)  week on unemployment. Since my lay-off came at the end of summer vacation, I haven’t had a hard time “adjusting” to my new routine, really. But sooner or later (ok, I’ve got 94 weeks) the unemployment will come to an end, and I will need to at least try something else out to see if it’s what I want to be when I grow up. I haven’t quite hit on what it is I’d lik to do, so instead I thought I’d start eliminating careers instead.

1) Medical Doctor: the amount of school required, along with the insane hours is enough to automatically remove this path from my list of possible careers.

2) Lawyer: again with the schooling, along with the hours.

3) Air Traffic Controller: the schooling, the hours, the stress…. I’m noticing a pattern, are you? It looks like I don’t want really want a high-pressure, super-engaging job at this point in my life.

4) Radio DJ. I’ve listened to the same music since college. Would you listen to a station whose playlist only included REM, Dave Matthews, and Depeche Mode, with the occasional Glee Mash Up thrown in? I wouldn’t.

5) Baker: True confession– I SUCK at baking from scratch.I don’t think there’s much of a market for baking from a box.

6) House Cleaner: True Story, I cleaned hotel rooms one summer. It sucked. Also, I can’t keep my own house clean, so the chances I could keep someone else’s house clean is slim to none.

7) Bartender: I am, what my husband calls, “a spiller”. Probably I shouldn’t work somewhere that requires “not spilling” on a regular basis!

8) Hairdresser: I never once, as a kid, thought I could cut my own hair. I think there’s a reason for this….

9) Nail tech: I have spilled (see #7) nail polish on carpets, bedspreads and more. Probably not the best choice.

10) Stylist to the Stars: The key to my fashion sense is simple — if it’s on sale, I buy it; if it’s clean, it can be worn. Somehow, I think the likes of Oprah are expecting something more than that.

11) Graphic Designer: note the lack of header on this here blog. Enough said.

12) Candle Maker: I saw the old timey people at the local history park give a workshop on the this. It takes a LONG time. I sometimes forget I’ve set things in the oven/on the range to cook. Until I can master rice, I should stay away from candle making, me thinks.

13) Chiropractor: I’ve been going to one for years, but there is NO WAY I could twist someone’s neck. NO. WAY. And I’m pretty sure that’s a job requirement.

So there you have it — thirteen careers I can knock off my list without a second thought. If I keep narrowing it down, I may very well discover what it is I’m meant to do next…..

So tell me — what’s a job/career that you can just mark of your list as “NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN”? Come on, you can tell me!

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Thursday Thirteen

If you have been sucked into the vortex that is Facebook, you may be stuck in a world of memes like I am. 25 things, the book lists, the bucket list, you name it, it can be a note in Facebook. I am all ab out the lists. Then I got to thinking that they would translate pretty easily into a Thursday Thirteen.

So here’s a list (my first of 2009, I believe) of 13 albums that I think fondly of. That hold distinct memories for me. That I memorized the words to, that I knew the order of the songs, that flood me with times and places that once were.

They are in no particular order.

1) Achtung Baby–U2*
2) Disinegration–the Cure*
3) 1999 –Prince*
4) The Reality Bites Soundtrack
5) Cracked Rearview–Hootie and the Blowfish
6) Grease-the Original Broadway Cast Album (first cassette I ever owned)
7) Rites of Passage–Indigo Girls
8) License to Ill–Beastie Boys*
9) Violator–Depeche Mode*
10) Violent Femmes–Violent Femmes
11) Red, Hot + Blue–an album of Cole Porter covers
12) Magical Mystery Tour–the Beatles*
13) Under the Table and Dreaming–Dave Matthews Band*

Now in putting this list together, I noticed a couple of things.
1) Not a single one was produced in this millenia. I’m ok with that. I enjoy music now, but don’t “get into it” like I once did.
2) All but about 2 of them I owned on cassette tape, not CD. Now I’ve had a CD player since 1991, but didn’t have a car with a CD player until 2004. What good is music if you can’t play it in the car???
3) In the case of the **, these albums aren’t necessarily my most favorite albums from these artists, they just happen to be the first album brought to my attention that then launched into an obsession of that band.

So 13 would be a large amount to leave in the comments section, but tell me–what are a couple of your favorite albums of all time??

13 Ways to Tell You’re Addicted to Facebook

13 Ways to Tell You’re Addicted to Facebook

1.) You’ve turned it into a verb, as in, “I’ll change the baby when I’m done Facebooking.”
2.) You know more about what’s going on in the life of Facebook friends than you do of your friend across the street. (who doesn’t Facebook. whatever)
3.) You apologize to your blog for being absent….because you’ve been Facebooking.
4.) You use Facebook Mobile on your phone more than you actually call people with your phone.
5.) You read the Twilight saga because of all the Facebook Flair. 
6.) You know what Facebook Flair is. 
7.) You know how to “throw” Sarah Palin, Joe Six-Pack and Joe the Plumber at people.
8.) You know the difference between being a friend and being a fan.
9.) When hubby asks, “How was your day?” your answer is “Didn’t you see my Facebook updates?”
10.) You’re willing to switch back to IE or Firefox because Google Chrome doesn’t work so well with Facebook.
11.) You’ve made your own Flair.
12.) You’ve started your own Group.
13.) You don’t really see the point of MySpace any more. 
Can you relate?? Did I miss any other tell tale signs??