October 1st

So March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. What about October?? In our house, it seems, it comes in with a sick mama (that’d be me) and will go out with a working one (me, again, done with leave October 27th). Hmm…

Yes, I celebrated the end of September/ beginning of October by coming down with something nasty–fast feverish onset, raging ear infection, sore throat….don’t you want to come visit? 
That’s what I thought. I won’t take it personally. 
I have to go rest now–we have WAY too much to do this month to be sick for long. (birthdays! baptism! road trip wedding! halloween!)

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  1. Oh no! It’s never good for the mom to be sick:) I hope you feel better very soon and can enjoy all the weekend’s festivities:)

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