Thursday Thirteen #7

13 Websites I Have Bookmarked

1. Yahoo! is my homepage
2. Bloglines is where I well, read blogs
3. Gmail
4. My bank
5. Pay Per Post
6. I buy everything from books to gluten-free cereal bars there
7. I love window shopping here (and selling too)
8. Snapfish MAM and I love to watch slideshows of family and friends
9. Sk*
10. it’s a good cause and fun to boot
11. Maya’s Mom
13. Kids with Food need I say more?

What are some of your favorite cyber haunts?

9 Replies to “Thursday Thirteen #7”

  1. You, of course!

    I also have a lot of preschool sites marked to help me when I want to do snacks that follow the theme of the day.

  2. My cyber haunts – Monk website (love that show and enjoy playing the games online), and I’m hooked on ebay – love checking out the crazy weird auctions. I also like visiting the blogs in my blogroll.

    Happy TT

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