Another week, another giveaway

Note that the button under my Etsy widget has changed….Chased by Children’s giveaway has wrapped up (with me! the Grand Prize Winner! ) and now I’m a Drama Mama (Thea) has announced that she’s doing a giveaway in honor of her 1 year blog-o-versary and that she’s having two contests….one for everyone and one for people who post the button. So you know I’m posting the button…I’m feeling lucky!

Other things? It is really good to be home. MAM seems to have grown in leaps and bounds in the four days I was gone. More words, a hair taller…amazing.

I’ve started laundry (oh the laundry) but haven’t even thought about grocery shopping yet. In a way, I’m sort of putting it off–we are leaving again a week from tomorrow (!!) for 5 days…granted, we’ll need to eat between now and then, but maybe we can sort of clear out the pantry between now and then.

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