From Illinois, With Love

I had two fun things waiting for me today, both from Chicagoland.

Fun thing number one was a book I won from A Child Chosen, courtesy of Marcie. The Motherbridge of Love is a darling book, and great for the adoption triad in general. Written specifically for children born in China and placed for adoption internationally, it is beautifully illustrated and touching. I sat down to read it with MAM, and we read through it four times in a row. She was mesmerized. Who knows how much of it she understands at this time, but it’s going on our bookshelf.

Fun thing number two was my be.ology tee from the Chased by Children giveaway. Jenny said I’d be amazed at the speed with which my tee would arrive, and she was right. I emailed her my choice Tuesday night and it arrived today. And I must say, I LOVE IT. It’s soft, it fits and makes me look like a girl, not a tent (a problem with tees for me), and did I mention, I LOVE IT. I may have to invested in a be.wardrobe.

In other news, it’s snowing again. And a week from now, we’ll be all settled into the Orlando condo. There is a light at the end of tunnel!

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