Thursday Thirteen #4

Up this week: Thirteen Things Stacked on my Coffee Table (lest you think I just have a stack of crap in my living room, my coffee table actually has cubbies, so it’s not all on the top of the table)

1. my big accordian coupon file
2. MAM’s baby book
3. our scrapbook of travels before MAM came along
4. my “home life” organization binder
5. a three hole punch
6. a container of q-tips (they haven’t found their way to the bathroom yet, I guess)
7. Dora’s Puzzle Adventure book
8. stacks of Parents and Family Fun magazines
9. a binder of food allergy information
10. books I’ve reviewed for Mother Talk
11. our church directory
12. this week’s sales ads for the grocery
13. one purple slipper that fits MAM

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p.s. are you interested in a handmade Pay-It-Forward exchange? Comment on this post!

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