It’s Never to Early…

You know those “the more you know” sort of PSA commercials, the ones where they encourage parents to talk to their kids about the assorted dangers of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. Apparently, they are on to something.

MAM has suddenly started to notice smokers–smokers outside of buildings and in their cars.

“Mama! Hes gots smokes!”

“He does? Oh that’s not good. Smoking will hurt your body.”

“He’s gots smokes. Smokes bad for his body. No Smoke!”

That’s right MAM, NO SMOKE! Keep that in mind when your friends decide to try it out. Keep that in mind when the boy you like smokes and wants you to try it. Keep that in mind when you start going to parties and everyone’s doing it. Keep that in mind when your college roommate offers you a smoke on your first day of college.

I hope those PSA commercials are right.

3 Replies to “It’s Never to Early…”

  1. To quoteth The Monkey. “smoke bad for you.” More impressive when she is telling this to smokers.

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