The part where it’s pretty obvious I’m losing my mind…

I’ve been home with MAM all week due to holidays (Monday) and her nasty cough/cold. I’ve been trying to get a few things done, and I have to say the to do list is getting shorter. But, as the following will illustrate, it’s probably coincidence and not really my doing.

In reorganizing all of our Christmas decoration storage, I managed to consolidate some of the flotsam in our one-car garage. To make a long story short, I ended up with all the Christmas decoration tubs (finally, those red and green jobby-dos that should alleviate the hunting down of the decorations for next year) in the garage and stuff that was in the garage, in the house to be redistributed into totes. The other night I repacked the last two 18 gallon containers with old toys and what nots. The two 18 gallon totes have been in my living room since Monday night.

Today I decided to do a few things in the garage–make room for the two totes, put an insulated blanket around the hot water heater, change the furnace filter and clear the path from the door to the car.

As soon as MAM was asleep, I bundled up and got to work–I got the blanket taken care of (very easy–I hope that we get the projected energy savings), the filter changed (overdue! gross!) and the totes generally more tidy and a pathway cleared. Phew! Glad I got all of that out of the way.

I came in, sat down, checked email and…looked up to see those two 18 gallon totes still staring at me. In the living room. Not neatly away in the garage, which was the whole point in the above exercise.

If this is 34, anything past 60 scares me….

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