Thursday Thirteen #2

13 Places I’ve been on Vacation
Here is my second stab at a Thursday 13. Let me just say that a list of 13 is a lot longer than it sounds. This week I’ve listed 13 places I’ve been on vacation–some for a week, others for a weekend. As you can see, I’ve never left North America, and really, mostly, I’ve vacationed in the midwest. But vacation is vacation, right?

1. Outerbanks, North Carolina (for a week, in a rental house–AWESOME vacation)
2. Orlando, Florida (for a week, with my female relatives, just before MAM entered our lives)
3. The Bahamas (on a cruise, I was on Bahamamian soil for like four hours, I think)
4. Boyne, Michigan (for a week, in a condo, with friends, before kids–BIG FUN)
5. Onekemos, Michigan (for a week, our honeymoon)
6. Montana (for a long weekend for a friend’s wedding–Montana was breath-taking)
7. Brown County, Indiana (for a long weekend with friends, before kids–BIG FUN)
8. The Jersey Shore (for a week, as a kid–so much fun!)
9. Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin (for a week, as a kid, so much fun!)
10.Louisville, KY (for our 3rd anniversary–our first stay in a B & B)
11. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas (for a week, as a kid)
12. Stratford, Ontario (for a four day weekend theatre extravaganza every year I was in college)
13. Galena, Illinois (for a long weekend with my in-laws, very pretty, very fun)

Where have you been? What’s your favorite spot?

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  1. Come to Georgia some time! You’re right – thirteen is hard to reach sometimes. My 55th TT is posted. I did travel photos this time. Happy thursday!

  2. Oohh. We’re going to Outer Banks for the first time this June. My family and my two sister’s families are going to stay in this huge beautiful blue beach house w/pool. I’m already there with the margarita machinE!!

  3. I actually got to go to London and Paris with my daughter a year and a half ago. THAT was the best vacation I’ve EVER had. 😀

  4. Oh geez ! I have been so many times in Wisconsin Dells and each time enjoyed it so much ! My aunt and uncle lived in Madison so it was not far away. The first time I have been there was in 1971 and I remember that an Indian chief his name was Evergreen received us because Mr. Gattino and I were from Europe !

  5. Louisville has some good B and Bs? We’d love to check one out sometime. My favorite vacation spot so far has been Playa del Carmen, Mexico. In fact, I’d love to be there right NOW! 🙂

  6. Thanks for your comment about comments over at my blog. I couldn’t resist popping over to see yours!

    It’s fun to see the places you’ve been. I’ve never been in Montana or those Western/Rocky states. But mostly, I’d love to visit the Bahamas or anything in the Caribbean. That’s probably the one place that I’ve always wanted to go that should be do-able (I mean, if a high school kid can go there on spring break, surely I can get there at some point in my life?). But I married a guy whose entire family is still in Europe, so we have to save our pennies (and quarters, and dollars, and euros) over the course of a few years and travel to see them. Not that I’m complaining–it’s great–but it means that I never have gotten to the Caribbean. Maybe someday. I hope. Because my craving to lounge in a warm place by the sea surrounding by sand and soaking in lots of sunshine is seriously underrated.

  7. Ooooooh….the Bahama’s….pardon me whilst I take a reality break from school or a few seconds and ponder the warmth and beauty of a tropical island….

    okay…back to reality. Fifth graders wait for no woman.

  8. Ooohh, I did Stratford in high school. GREAT FUN!!

    Dave and I have taken a couple of long weekends in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio. It’s just beautiful there with a lot of hiking trails!

  9. The only place I’ve been on your list is Orlando. My TT is also about a vacation. It’s a list of memories from a trip to Alaska back in 1985.

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