Thursday Thirteen #2

13 Places I’ve been on Vacation
Here is my second stab at a Thursday 13. Let me just say that a list of 13 is a lot longer than it sounds. This week I’ve listed 13 places I’ve been on vacation–some for a week, others for a weekend. As you can see, I’ve never left North America, and really, mostly, I’ve vacationed in the midwest. But vacation is vacation, right?

1. Outerbanks, North Carolina (for a week, in a rental house–AWESOME vacation)
2. Orlando, Florida (for a week, with my female relatives, just before MAM entered our lives)
3. The Bahamas (on a cruise, I was on Bahamamian soil for like four hours, I think)
4. Boyne, Michigan (for a week, in a condo, with friends, before kids–BIG FUN)
5. Onekemos, Michigan (for a week, our honeymoon)
6. Montana (for a long weekend for a friend’s wedding–Montana was breath-taking)
7. Brown County, Indiana (for a long weekend with friends, before kids–BIG FUN)
8. The Jersey Shore (for a week, as a kid–so much fun!)
9. Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin (for a week, as a kid, so much fun!)
10.Louisville, KY (for our 3rd anniversary–our first stay in a B & B)
11. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas (for a week, as a kid)
12. Stratford, Ontario (for a four day weekend theatre extravaganza every year I was in college)
13. Galena, Illinois (for a long weekend with my in-laws, very pretty, very fun)

Where have you been? What’s your favorite spot?