Nightmares and Travel Plans

So far, these are two separate topics, only joined because I’m choosing to blog about them both today. So far, the title isn’t “Nightmarish Travel Plans”, because, well, in the travel plan department, things are dreamy.

But first onto the Nightmare. Or Night Scare. Or whatever-the-heck-that-was that tore me away from the first new Grey’s in ages. Last night, MAM went down per usual, I made myself some chai and sat down for the first time all day at 9pm, ready to watch me some new and juicy Grey’s. And watch I did, til about 9:20pm. That’s when BgK muted the TV and we heard crying–scary, intense crying. BgK leapt from the sofa and up the stairs, to find a distraught MAM on her bed.

I followed close behind, and in 2 seconds flat, she was a crying mess in my arms. After a while, she started to say, “It’s scary!!”

Me: “What’s scary?”

MAM: “Da dinosaur”

Me: “What dinosaur?”

MAM: “Dat dinosaur!!” as she points one little finger to an issue of National Geographic, face down on her bed. She’s taken to reading “her” magazines in bed…..and apparently the dinosaur issue made it’s way into her bed. Either she had visions of the T-rex dancing in her head before sleep, or she was slightly awake at some point and caught an eyeful…

Either way, we banished Mr. Dinosaur from her room, and by 10pm she was sound asleep.

Now onto the dreamy part of the post. We’ve been looking at joining my parents on vacation this spring for awhile, but hadn’t been finding any flights that “spoke” to us (i.e, were practically free). Given what we were finding, I wasn’t even sure I had enough time banked to go to Florida for a few days during the school year. As a teacher, it’s always a little weird to go on “vacation” when school is in session, but it’s always so nice to get away when the rest of the world isn’t on Spring Break. After consulting my boss today, it turns out I have plenty of time to use. So…we just booked a flight to ORLANDO and we will be staying at a lovely resort for FIVE nights.

Dreamy, no?

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  1. Yippee!!! We’re pretty sure we’re taking our first vacation in about – ummmm 6 years – to FLORIDA! (Can’t pass up a free stay once we get there with Gran and Poppy…) I don’t know how relaxing vacationing (and flying) w/ a 2 YO will be, but I’m a wee bit excited….

    At least MAM can really tell you about her dreams – some things are SO much easier when a child can communicate! When we’ve had nightmarish episodes, it takes me forever to check the kid out to be sure there’s not really some physical harm, then I wonder for hours if he’s sick or something, or if it was just a dream….

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