WFMW: Super Easy, Super Cool Party Favor

If you are here via ICLW, welcome. If you are here via WFMW, welcome. If you don’t speak in abbreviations, welcome!

Today’s tip is sooooo easy, I wish I could say I thought of it myself. But I didn’t. I totally hijacked this idea from my friend. MaM went to her son’s party and came home with one and it was the best loved party favor ever.

So of course we had to have them for Jr’s second birthday.

Are you ready?

Mylar Helium Balloons!

(Wait! You think: isn’t that kind of spendy??)

Here’s the secret: they are from……..THE DOLLAR STORE.

Yes, the Dollar Store (assorted chains of dollar stores, I don’t even remember which we one used) sells character, theme and assorted balloons for $1.

Party On!

(NOTE: Get a balloon anchor while you are there, or bring some washers, or at least remember they are in your car when you open the door. Otherwise, Grandma may have to go buy a replacement balloon or two while you get the party started. Good thing they are only $1…..)

Works for Me Wednesday: Getting Kids to Take Medicine

Actually, in the medicine department, we are really lucky. Both kids are always super excited to be medicated. I say “time for vitamins” and they both start running and clapping and acting like I just said, “Here comes the ice cream truck!”

Taking Liquid Medicine

If you don’t have a lot of experience in this department, let me introduce you to the must have syringe:

A bulb syringe will make you crazy (I found them hard to measure exact doses), but this one? This one you just pull up as needed. By using a syringe, you don’t spill any liquid if your child turns his head, locks his jaw, turns up his tongue, etc. Meijer gives them out with every prescription.

Taking Capsules

My kids are both on an acid-reflux medication–MaM takes it once a day, Jr. takes it 2x per day. It’s available in a kid-friendly sol-u-tab (dissolves in your mouth), and we are so fortunate that it’s covered under our insurance plan. This year, however, the terms of our plan changed a bit, and we are looking into ways to cut the amount of money we spend on this drug (we use three doses a day).

Capsules are available, but MaM can’t swallow them yet.

Enter: the friendly pill cutter

I discovered I can slice open the capsule, pour the granules on a spoon (put something under the spoon in case it spills) and then top the spoon with a dollop of yogurt.  They lick the spoon clean, and the medicine is ingested! Phew!

What works for you when dosing up your kiddos?

Have an idea that others might find useful? Link up at We Are That Family!

Keeping Appointment Cards

I think I devised this system shortly after MaM was born in 2005. All of a sudden, I had a hard time keeping track of appointments (among other things) and needed a system that was easy and fairly fool-proof.

Before becoming a mom, I’d keep any appointment cards in my wallet for safe keeping. Yes the info was also entered into my calendar, but I like to keep the actual card too. I like the fact that the office hours/phone numbers are printed right there.

After becoming a mom, I became more scattered. Enter the magnetic photo holder.

I started a photo holder for each person in our family, and as we schedule appointments for the dentist, doctor, eye doctor, etc, I put them in the holder according to date. This way, the appointment coming up is there, at eye level, every time I go to the fridge. Once the appointment is complete, the card is thrown away, and then I’m reminded about the next one on that person’s schedule.

How do you keep track of your families appointments? Please leave a comment and share–I’m always looking for tips and tricks!