Keeping Appointment Cards

I think I devised this system shortly after MaM was born in 2005. All of a sudden, I had a hard time keeping track of appointments (among other things) and needed a system that was easy and fairly fool-proof.

Before becoming a mom, I’d keep any appointment cards in my wallet for safe keeping. Yes the info was also entered into my calendar, but I like to keep the actual card too. I like the fact that the office hours/phone numbers are printed right there.

After becoming a mom, I became more scattered. Enter the magnetic photo holder.

I started a photo holder for each person in our family, and as we schedule appointments for the dentist, doctor, eye doctor, etc, I put them in the holder according to date. This way, the appointment coming up is there, at eye level, every time I go to the fridge. Once the appointment is complete, the card is thrown away, and then I’m reminded about the next one on that person’s schedule.

How do you keep track of your families appointments? Please leave a comment and share–I’m always looking for tips and tricks!

4 Replies to “Keeping Appointment Cards”

  1. That is a great idea! I just entered them into my phone calendar and the calendar on the fridge, then pitch the cards. We have way too many appointments and often have overlapping days…

    Once upon a time, we only had doctor visits every few months and it was easy to keep track of. Now, it is more like every few days…

  2. Thanks for visiting, Samantha!

    Marci–I can’t even imagine how you schedule all those appointments and keep them straight! I would think the phone calendar, with alarms set, would probably the most effective in your case!! Thanks for visiting/commenting!

  3. Great Idea! RIght now I write everything in my calendar, and our wall calendar and tend to forget things until the last minute. Love your idea though, thanks for sharing!

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