Thursday Thirteen #3: Chocolate

Three week’s running…it’s time for Thursday Thirteen. Today I’m listing 13 Chocolate Things I like to eat:

1. M&Ms
2. Mocha coffee
3. 3 Muskateer bar
4. Chocolate chips
5. Hot cocoa
6. Brownies
7. Pudding
8. Cake
9. Ice Cream
10. Mousse
11. Chocolate dipped pretzels
12. Fudge
13. Chocolate creme filled doughnuts

Are you hungry yet?!?!

Thursday Thirteen #2

13 Places I’ve been on Vacation
Here is my second stab at a Thursday 13. Let me just say that a list of 13 is a lot longer than it sounds. This week I’ve listed 13 places I’ve been on vacation–some for a week, others for a weekend. As you can see, I’ve never left North America, and really, mostly, I’ve vacationed in the midwest. But vacation is vacation, right?

1. Outerbanks, North Carolina (for a week, in a rental house–AWESOME vacation)
2. Orlando, Florida (for a week, with my female relatives, just before MAM entered our lives)
3. The Bahamas (on a cruise, I was on Bahamamian soil for like four hours, I think)
4. Boyne, Michigan (for a week, in a condo, with friends, before kids–BIG FUN)
5. Onekemos, Michigan (for a week, our honeymoon)
6. Montana (for a long weekend for a friend’s wedding–Montana was breath-taking)
7. Brown County, Indiana (for a long weekend with friends, before kids–BIG FUN)
8. The Jersey Shore (for a week, as a kid–so much fun!)
9. Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin (for a week, as a kid, so much fun!)
10.Louisville, KY (for our 3rd anniversary–our first stay in a B & B)
11. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas (for a week, as a kid)
12. Stratford, Ontario (for a four day weekend theatre extravaganza every year I was in college)
13. Galena, Illinois (for a long weekend with my in-laws, very pretty, very fun)

Where have you been? What’s your favorite spot?