13 Ways to Tell You’re Addicted to Facebook

13 Ways to Tell You’re Addicted to Facebook

1.) You’ve turned it into a verb, as in, “I’ll change the baby when I’m done Facebooking.”
2.) You know more about what’s going on in the life of Facebook friends than you do of your friend across the street. (who doesn’t Facebook. whatever)
3.) You apologize to your blog for being absent….because you’ve been Facebooking.
4.) You use Facebook Mobile on your phone more than you actually call people with your phone.
5.) You read the Twilight saga because of all the Facebook Flair. 
6.) You know what Facebook Flair is. 
7.) You know how to “throw” Sarah Palin, Joe Six-Pack and Joe the Plumber at people.
8.) You know the difference between being a friend and being a fan.
9.) When hubby asks, “How was your day?” your answer is “Didn’t you see my Facebook updates?”
10.) You’re willing to switch back to IE or Firefox because Google Chrome doesn’t work so well with Facebook.
11.) You’ve made your own Flair.
12.) You’ve started your own Group.
13.) You don’t really see the point of MySpace any more. 
Can you relate?? Did I miss any other tell tale signs??

5 Replies to “13 Ways to Tell You’re Addicted to Facebook”

  1. I’m hearing more and more about facebook, but have never been on it or MySpace. I haven’t heard as many negative comments about Facebook yet, though….

    I’m just not sure how I feel about all those things….

  2. haha i was soo this way before they banned facebook from work computers! now I am never on, cause I am only ever on the comp when I am at work! haha

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