In addition to learning Word Press on the fly, I’ve been playing a lot lately.

Last night, after Junior had fallen asleep, MAM and I were playing ponies. She was the pony, I was a member of the SVU.
“Neigh! I need help! I can’t find my honey!”
“Where do you think your honey is”
“I don’t know. Maybe in the mailbox. Will you help me? I don’t have any hands.”
We journey to the little mailbox she’s using (don’t you have a mailbox in your living room) and I open the door, and boo! there was the missing honey.
“Neigh! I’ve lost my honey again!”
“Again? You need to keep an eye on her”
“I think she was playing in the boxes. Will you help me? I don’t have any hands!”
So we head over to her toy shelf, and there, in a see-thru box, is the honey!

I love summer.

13 Reasons I Haven’t Posted

1.) The Sickness– MAM was home sick Thursday-Tuesday. As she perked up, I went downhill fast. It didn’t last long for me, but it just sort of threw off a week’s worth of “to do” lists.

2.) Playing Catch Up-between MAM being sick, and then me getting sick right after, I hadn’t run a single errand in a whole week.
3.) Shopping for Birthday Presents-two nephews whose parties we missed, a niece and a nephew havign their party over the weekend….fun at Toys R Us for me!
4.) Securing Baptismal Clothing for Junior-we got the largest infant outfit JCPenney’s makes!
5.) Celebrating 105 yrs of Birthdays-the aforementioned neice and nephew, and my 95 yr old Grandma all rolled into a weekend of fun with both sides of the family.
6.) Figuring Out What to Do With 20lbs of Apples-my father in law so kindly distributed apples at the family birthday party. I wasn’t expecting that.
7.) Ordering the food for the Baptismal luncheon-YUM!
8.) Ordering the Cake -Double YUM!
9.) Enjoying a belated birthday lunch with girlfriends-it took til October, but two gal pals hosted lunch for me and another friend who have September birthdays. I never turn down a chance for birthday cake!
10.) Getting MAM something to wear for the Baptism, and an upcoming wedding. The girl is tall. Like size 5 tall.
11.) Making arrangements to travel to said wedding, we leave a week from tomorrow!
12.) Storing away any and all clothing that’s smaller than 6 months, and really evaluating those 6-9 month sleepers. The boy is a growin’.
13.) Doing all of the above, with my right hand man, Junior. All SEVENTEEN POUNDS of him! 🙂

Get the Colgate Ready!

Here come the teeth!

Yup–to celebrate 5 months of being on this earth, the Babe has cut her first tooth. She was so excited she had to wake up at 3:30 this morning to remind me about it. But that’s OK–you only get your first tooth once. We’ll see how I feel after a few months of this teething stuff!