In addition to learning Word Press on the fly, I’ve been playing a lot lately.

Last night, after Junior had fallen asleep, MAM and I were playing ponies. She was the pony, I was a member of the SVU.
“Neigh! I need help! I can’t find my honey!”
“Where do you think your honey is”
“I don’t know. Maybe in the mailbox. Will you help me? I don’t have any hands.”
We journey to the little mailbox she’s using (don’t you have a mailbox in your living room) and I open the door, and boo! there was the missing honey.
“Neigh! I’ve lost my honey again!”
“Again? You need to keep an eye on her”
“I think she was playing in the boxes. Will you help me? I don’t have any hands!”
So we head over to her toy shelf, and there, in a see-thru box, is the honey!

I love summer.

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