So, About Those Glasses

At the very beginning of fall break, I made an appointment to get MaM’s eyes checked. Not because she was having vision problems, but because it occurred to me that she hadn’t been to the eye doctor since she was three.

On the way there, she was so excited about getting glasses she could hardly stand it. I gently told her that maybe she wouldn’t need glasses, but if she really wanted them, we could get her a pair of fashion glasses. Explaining the difference between prescription and fashion glasses to a five year old is not for the weak of heart, FYI.

On the way into the office, I reminded MaM to cooperate and answer honestly to the doctor’s questions (did she even know how or why she would need glasses? I have no idea). She did the diagnostic tests with the tech, even the puff of air (which makes me cringe) with no problem.

MaM warmed up to the doc quickly, and soon she was reading the eye chart.




“What’s the next line?”

“I don’t know,” she replied. “I can’t see it.”


How could she not see it? The letters were still huge at this point!

As the exam proceeded, there were other points where MaM simply answered, “I can’t see it.”  And I began to wonder — did she really need glasses or did she really want glasses? Could she know at five how to be so convincing that she would end up with a pair of glasses at the end of the day??

As the exam concluded, the doctor said that she needed glasses. My response? “You know, um, she really wanted glasses coming in today.” *wink*wink* (read: Is my kid faking this?)

Her answer? “Based on the diagnostics and what we’ve done, I’ve cross checked several things –she is near-sighted and should wear her glasses all the time at school.” *wink*wink* (read: Lady, your kid didn’t fake this)

So MaM picked out the most perfect pair of pink glasses, and has been wearing them ever since. A kindergartener with glasses! Who would have thought??

I remember getting glasses in second grade. How about you???

Time for this week’s Savvy Deals: Conner Prairie & More

Over the past two years, my family has become HUGE Conner Prairie enthusiasts. We stop by on our way home from school, swing by for short visit on a Saturday morning, and spend entire Sundays there. The kids now know the grounds inside and out. They noticed when Discovery Station got new trains. They run right to the Balloon Voyage exhibit, race the steamboat and the hot air balloon, and then work their way through the rest of the exhibit. They know how to hold the chicks in the Animal Encounters, they know to look for mice in the William Conner house, and they most recently learned how to play hoop and stick. MaM has a slight obsession with resident Lenape Indian (he’s for real, and comes to Conner Prairie every summer), and loves to hear the tales he tells. Long before I started writing down our adventures for the Savvy Source City Guide, I wrote this blog post about going to Conner Prairie one day with the kids.

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What Makes Me Happy

I know, it’s an odd title for a post today. Today marks the day where nine years ago, the world changed forever. Today on facebook and twitter, there are memories and links all going back to September 11, 2001.

photo credit: B. Simpson, from wikipedia

Yesterday, though, MaM came home with an Eid ul-Fitr treat bag from school. You see, her school mates had sent in treat bags as part of the celebration that is the end of Ramadan, the most holy month in Islam. Much like Christian children first focus on Easter (complete with candy) before understanding Lent, MaM came home with a very basic introduction to this Muslim feast (she was, of course, delighted by the candy).

photo by Utne Olve, from wikipedia. An askenasisk made from a ram’s horn

Thursday, friends of mine headed out to a retreat in honor of Rosh Hashanah. Between Thursday and Yom Kippur, are the Days of Awe in the Jewish faith. A simple analogy my friend uses is this, “these are my Christmas and Easter– you can’t tell your mother you’re skipping Christmas or Easter, can you?” People were wishing each other “Happy year 5771” as they celebrated the Jewish New Year online, and kindly explaining the sentiment to those not in the know.

photo by Patnac, from wikipedia

Sunday, MaM’s Catholic Sunday school resumes. She’s sat through Mass nicely this summer, and is jncredibly interested in reading along in the missal and the hymnal. Next spring, probably in May, a bevy of cousins and friends all in 2nd grade will make their First Holy Communions. I can only imagine MaM’s fascination with the beautiful white dresses once she sees them.

These are all things that make me happy.  They are all signs that despite on what happened on this day in 2001, the people of our country are still open-minded, compassionate people of faith. People of many different faiths, but yet of similar minds. Blow-hard ministers from Florida aside, nine years later, we have not let the terrorists win.

It’s been nine years. The skyline still looks to me like it’s been robbed.