Date Night: Sponsored By…..(Alternate Title: Cupcakes, Candy, Cream Ale & Camaros)

Today was a random day in so many ways.

We went into MaM’s classroom at the little school to celebrate her birthday. 7 of the 12 students in the room? Were my former students. MaM introduced us as, “Mrs. McNally & L___”. We went through her timeline, we watched her walk around the sun five times, we ate yummy fairy cupcakes. I got the question, “Are you still a teacher here?”

When we got home, I was met in the driveway by FedEx with my prize fromi the 1-800 Flowers drawing at BlogHer. I was thrilled to sort through the yummies included in the Arbor Afternoon basket.

As I was looking at the treats, I joined a conference call with Marcie and an event planner–go to Grown In My Heart to see what we are cooking up ( there’s a question, a giveaway and an announcement!).

Then, finally, Date Night. Also known as Indy’s Social Media Happy Hour. We dropped the kids off at our friends’ house and jetted off……in a 2010 Camaro, compliments of Hare Chevy.

I am not a fast-car kind of girl, but DAMN. The car was hot & so much fun to drive. Everyone who drives a minivan every day should go take a test drive. SUCH a rush!

Hare was sponsoring a kickoff party for Blog Indiana, which just happened to be held at Sun King Brewery, and featuring West Coast Tacos (the taco truck was parked in their warehouse, the taco truck taking Indy by storm). The night was filled with catching up with online friends in person (Angie, Robby, & Stephanie to name a few) and meeting new ones. (I count myself as coming out ahead if my night doesn’t include cutting someone else’s meat, pouring milk or negotiating how many bites are left to take)

Not bad for a Thursday.

The Santa Dilemma

IMGP4169_cropped We are in high-gear here, all ready for Christmas. We’ve been shopping, we’ve been to breakfast with Santa, we’ve driven around and seen the lights. There are only a few more doors left on MaM’s Advent calendar. The fourth candle gets lit tomorrow on the Advent wreath. We are almost there, there to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Here’s the thing–MaM believes with all her heart that Santa will come to visit and chat on Christmas Eve. That he will come to our house, while she is awake, he will give her a Barbie Mermaid, and she will give him the card she has made.

She does not want to mail the card, “because he is coming to our house on Christmas.”

She does not believe he will come while she is sleeping, “because he wants to visit with me on Christmas.”

She isn’t expecting any other presents, “because I asked Santa for a Barbie girl, so that’s what I’m getting.”

Soooooo here’s my dilemma–do we arrange for Santa to stop by on Christmas Eve while she’s awake? I’m sure we could get a friend to do it. Or do we just stage it like we usually do, and hope that the sight of the Christmas tree with the gifts under it with will distract her from remembering that she wanted Santa to actually visit with her?

We aren’t over the top with Santa, but her blind faith is astounding. We saw Santa in the gas station parking lot Thanksgiving weekend, and he was kind enough to talk to her for a minute, and took her request for a Barbie mermaid. Ever since, she has no desire to go see him, because, “I told him what I wanted in the parking lot”.

I don’t want her to be crushed/sad on Christmas day, but I also don’t want to come up with this elaborate scheme this year–and then have to repeat it for years to come, only to have her find out from a neighbor kid /schoolmate that it was just that–an elaborate scheme.

Thus the Santa Dilemma. Any suggestions on how to keep it magical and fun without going over the top? Anyone? Anyone?

FEVER all through the night…


Freddy Fever
Freddy Fever
Last week the family and I had the opportunity to enjoy an Indianapolis Fever (WNBA) game courtesy of the One2One Network and the WNBA. Our fabulous, floorside seats were waiting for us at will call, and we had a great time.

If you live in central Indiana, you know how Indianapolis loves its sports, and its sporting arenas. Conseco Fieldhouse is easy to navigate, and the facility is world-class. our four-yr old had no trouble (i.e. I’m tired! Carry me!) walking from the parking lot (we parked south of the train tracks–$3–can you beat that?)  all the way to our seats. Actually, our first stop was a caricature artist, who kindly drew our family of four. That alone made trip worth it!

As I mentioned, we were hooked up with floorside seats. Floorside. Which was fabulous, and provided a great view of the action, which BgK and I appreciated. The kids, to our amazement, preferred to watch via  the Jumbo-tron. The Fever’s mascont, Freddy Fever, made frequent walk-throughs all around the stand. This THRILLED Jr. MAM chose to sit under her seat when he came by.

Staring at the Jumbo-tron instead of the floor action...
Staring at the Jumbo-tron instead of the floor action...

The action was fun to watch, and as it turns out, the game went into a five-minute overtime, which were the most exciting minutes of play. Here’s the thing-the Fever is good–as in best-record-in-the-league good, at an impressive 14 wins, 4 losses (as of 7/31). Which means that chances are, when you see a game this August or September, you will see the home team win.


First ever bites of cotton candy...yum!
First ever bites of cotton candy...yum!

I think a WBNA game is a good first-basketball game venue because it’s a laid-back, friendly atmosphere. There’s entertainment during game breaks, promotional items given out left and right, and good seats (if you kids aren’t into the Jumbo-tron) are reasonably priced. And actually, they just got more reasonable with a discount code!! The One2One Network and the WNBA are offering the code: WNBABLOG for special discounts depending on your area. For the FEVER, it’s buy one ticket, get one of equal value for FREE.

The Kahuna family definitely enjoyed our night at the Fieldhouse, watching the Fever win in OT over the Sun. If you are looking for a fun night out, role models for your children, or a basketball fix in the middle of summer, the WNBA can do any or all of the above!!


Thanks, One2One Network and the WNBA for a great family night out!