So, About Those Glasses

At the very beginning of fall break, I made an appointment to get MaM’s eyes checked. Not because she was having vision problems, but because it occurred to me that she hadn’t been to the eye doctor since she was three.

On the way there, she was so excited about getting glasses she could hardly stand it. I gently told her that maybe she wouldn’t need glasses, but if she really wanted them, we could get her a pair of fashion glasses. Explaining the difference between prescription and fashion glasses to a five year old is not for the weak of heart, FYI.

On the way into the office, I reminded MaM to cooperate and answer honestly to the doctor’s questions (did she even know how or why she would need glasses? I have no idea). She did the diagnostic tests with the tech, even the puff of air (which makes me cringe) with no problem.

MaM warmed up to the doc quickly, and soon she was reading the eye chart.




“What’s the next line?”

“I don’t know,” she replied. “I can’t see it.”


How could she not see it? The letters were still huge at this point!

As the exam proceeded, there were other points where MaM simply answered, “I can’t see it.” ¬†And I began to wonder — did she really need glasses or did she really want glasses? Could she know at five how to be so convincing that she would end up with a pair of glasses at the end of the day??

As the exam concluded, the doctor said that she needed glasses. My response? “You know, um, she really wanted glasses coming in today.” *wink*wink* (read: Is my kid faking this?)

Her answer? “Based on the diagnostics and what we’ve done, I’ve cross checked several things –she is near-sighted and should wear her glasses all the time at school.” *wink*wink* (read: Lady, your kid didn’t fake this)

So MaM picked out the most perfect pair of pink glasses, and has been wearing them ever since. A kindergartener with glasses! Who would have thought??

I remember getting glasses in second grade. How about you???

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    1. Oh I’m glad it’s not just me who’s been, “really? s/he needs glasses?” But really, how would you ever know??? Thank goodness for modern medicine & optometry!

  1. Ummmm _ Now worried because we have NEVER taken AP to the eye doctor! I had specialists and 2 optos when I was little, but that was because I’d had eye surgery as a baby. I thought we’d not need to take him really unless he showed some trouble signs…. And I’ve also worried about how accurate an exam would be for him – Would he really understand what they were asking him? COuld he really tell? Maybe we’d better go for a checkup…

    1. Apparently, there are ways they can tell. And while I beat myself up for “not noticing”, my friend who worked at an optometrist put it this way — catching it in kindergarten is pretty swift. She saw most kids coming in in 2nd grade and beyond, who needed stronger prescriptions off the bat. The sooner, the better! (for the record, I didn’t go til I sat in the back of the class in 2nd grade and couldn’t see the board)

  2. Note to self: take the poptart to the optometrist.

    Further note to self: find a new optometrist.

    I got glasses in grade 3. Had laser surgery in August 2008. My vision went from 20/600 to 20/20 within a couple of months.

    One of the best things I’ve ever done.

    1. Nicole — I’ve never been keen on the laser surgery idea. Probably because I’ll need reading glasses in about 10 yrs anyway! My bro had it done and has been thrilled with the results!

  3. I got glasses in preschool. They did a vision test at school and sent a note home with me telling my mom to take me to the eye doctor.

    And, the ones I have taken my foster kids to also had pictures in the place of letters to test vision.

    1. Marci — thanks for the input! I vaguely remember a vision screening at MaM’s preschool, don’t remember if it was just last year or if it was two years ago. I know they haven’t done it this year. Wish it was something all preschool programs had access to such a thing!

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