My Own Real Life Circus

Saturday morning we loaded up the gang and headed out to a before-hours preview of Circus Starring YOU at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

Aren’t your kids kind of old for that? Nope. Not at all. It’s funny, each time we go, the museum seems to grow with my kids.

Circus starring YOU is a big-top adventure like I’ve never seen. The whole exhibit has the feel of a big top, and there are, as you may have guess, three rings of activities. There’s plenty for the littles to enjoy, but my bigs had a GREAT time. I loved watching them play and explore and try new things. BgK and I may have tried a few things too. There may also be photographic evidence that we broke part of the exhibit.


There’s virtual reality tight-rope walking, juggling tutorials, a cannonball prop, Roman ladders (so fun), and ARIEL RINGS. Oh the ariel rings. We spent a lot of time there, trying out moves.

This exhibit is here through Thanksgiving weekend, 2017- you won’t want to miss it.

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