Next Up: Swim Team

As I suspected after one lesson at Goldfish Swim School, MaM had a swim team in her future. After the second lesson, she was officially scheduled on the Goldfish Rec team.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…such an important life lesson.

Where do kids go after they’ve mastered the techniques taught in traditional swim lessons? At Goldfish, they can join their rec swim team immediately. The rec team practices once a week for an hour, and the practice includes conditioning, technique and time for fun.

Two weeks into her swim team experience, MaM was able to participate in a quarterly swim meet. Swim meets are achance for kids to show off their speed and cheer on their friends. Our first meet had about 70 kids, each competing in three events.  Kids swam in groups of 2-3, and ribbons were awarded for each heat (so everyone got a ribbon for every event). It was fun to see the kids swim their hearts out, and MaM really enjoyed herself. Pizza is also included in the event, which made the event even better. The swim meet experience prepares swimmers for a more competitive atmosphere, and is a great way for kids who enjoy summer swim clubs to keep developing their skills during the winter months.

Third in freestyle, second in backstroke, first in breaststroke!


The Goldfish Swim team is open to swimmers who have progressed past the Pro-Level and are between the ages of 5 and 12. If you child is a competent swimmer, this program will continue to refine her skills and take her technique to the next level!

Disclosure: Thanks to Goldfish Swim School for partnering with us this winter to build my summer swimmers over this winter in exchange for my honest review of their programs! 

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  1. Awesome MAM! When I was little, I don’t remember anyone being on the swim team until high school. Now I have several friends and one nephew who are getting into it and loving it… So neat! I wonder if it’s one of those sports that just happens to be getting bigger right now…. Love that swim is a lifelong activity that so many people can do, regardless of ability level. Such great exercise and fun!

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