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It’s funny how your body and your mind can have two different ideas. In my head, camping is fun. In reality, I can’t comfortably sleep on the ground. In my head, it’s not a big deal to sit down on the floor to play a game with the kids. In reality, it takes me longer to get up and down off the floor than it used to. In my head, I get up and move around throughout  when I’m working at my desk. In reality, those two or three walks down the hall don’t do nearly as much good as I hope they do.

Last week, when  BgK and I were invited to learn about myofascial trigger point therapy, I jumped at the opportunity. It’s been obvious lately my body is aging, and perhaps rebelling against me.  Being unfamiliar with this kind of massage therapy, I was curious and excited to see what it was all about. We met at Tomo of  the Tomo Touch in Broad Ripple, for our primer on trigger point therapy and to try it out ourselves.

It’s funny- before our appointment I wouldn’t have said that my range of motion was limited or that I was in acute pain. But as I spoke with Tomo and she had me do some simple range of motion exercises, I realized that I am more knotted up than I think I am.

These posters show the trigger points for common ailments as Tomo discusses how muscles can contract and relax.
These posters show the trigger points for common ailments as Tomo discusses how muscles can contract and relax.

Tomo spent time talking about how myofascial trigger point therapy works. In the simplest terms, your body is completely connected. So a tense muscle in your hip might be caused by tension some where along your spine. Headaches can be caused by tension in the neck and back. You get the idea.

After the range of motion exercises, she pin-pointed the exact issues my chiropractor has been treating. She spent most of my session working on my hips and lower back, as well as my neck. She also spotted an old ankle injury, and worked on those muscles too. She worked by applying pressure to the areas that had tension, always asking how I was tolerating the pain. For the most part, it was a good hurt- the kind of pressure that makes you feel better when it’s over.

MaM was a bit concerned, but the pressure wasn't painful, honest!
MaM was a bit concerned, but the pressure wasn’t painful, honest!


When our session was over, she had me repeat the range of motion. It was obvious that there was improvement. As we finished up. Tomo gave me some exercises to do at home, to keep my new found agility. Tomo’s goal is to get patients moving, and to get patients to the point where they no longer need her services. Often, issues are solved after several sessions. She accepts FSA and HSA debit cards, as well was cash and credit cards.

Interested in trying a session yourself? The Tomo Touch is located at 6100 N Keystone Ave Suite 235, Indianapolis, IN 46220. She can be reached at (317) 306-5122 or at

Disclosure: thank you, Tomo, for inviting us to learn about your practice, and for helping us be the best we can be! 

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