Ending Summer with Splash

Ready to make your own #StuntHunt video with Fruit Shoot? Find the details here: http://ooh.li/7d40fd7

What? Ending summer? Don’t get me started. Today was our LAST day of summer vacation. We went out with a splash- ok, a lot of splashes at our neighborhood pool. You may recall that our neighborhood is mostly older adults, who clearly don’t like to swim. We had the pool to ourselves again today, and we invited some friends over to join us.

The kids had a blast. It’s amazing what they can come up with when they combine one family’s pool toys with another. We had balls flying, squirters squirting, and inner tubes being used as row boats. We had Fruit Shoot bottles emptied quickly, and used as part of a some kind of water machine, and used for target practice as well.

When Fruit Shoot invited me to share with your their #StuntHunt video contest, I wasn’t sure what our own entry would entail. It turns out, the kids had it totally under control once I gave them the simple parameters:

  • 10-30 seconds long
  • include Fruit Shoot
  • include a ball

Check out what Meg and her friend came up with- turns out, my girl swings a mean noodle!!

Here are some other photos of the day- empty drink bottles, it turns out, make GREAT pool toys!

2014-08-05 13.36.052014-08-05 13.36.01

2014-08-05 13.35.212014-08-05 13.34.52

Watch the contest video for complete details, and be sure to capture your kiddos using their imagination as they create their own stunts! Each week, a winning video will receive some high-tech styling that kids will love! It’s easy to enter, and how much fun would be to have a jazzed up video if you win?

The kids had a great time today, and it was fun watching them play in so many different ways. The pool’s open til Labor Day, so I’m looking forward to more summer nights there, even if our summer weekdays have come to an end.

Disclosure: Thanks to FruitShoot for sponsoring today’s discussion, AND for offering such a fun contest.



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