Perfect Moment Monday: Instant Friends

Life has been good and life has been busy lately. We’ve had all kinds of fall fun, and have Fall-Breaked our hearts out. This week’s perfect moment, though, didn’t involve anything seasonal or sensational, it was a simple impromptu play date.

When my friend Liz put the call out that her church was having a sale on Friday afternoon, I brought the kids over to peruse their wares. Liz was cashiering, and her children were off in a room playing quietly. After trying on a few pairs of shoes, my kids wandered off down the hall, found people their size, and started playing.

After a few minutes, I told the kids it was time to leave, and they protested. They were having fun with their new friends and didn’t want to leave. I really didn’t have anywhere to go, so I pulled up a chair and continued to visit, while Liz’s kids (who match my kids in gender and age) and my kids played like they were long lost friends. After playing for over an hour, we had to go home, under their protests.

Watching the children, meet up so easily and become fast friends was my perfect moment this week. Too often we move from one event to the next, going through the motions. Taking the time to slow down and hang out was exactly what we needed to do.

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10 Replies to “Perfect Moment Monday: Instant Friends”

  1. I love how kids can make instant friends. They don’t worry about who you are or what you do, it’s hi, I’m me, let’s play!

    It’s nice have something of the same in the blogosphere. 🙂 Just jump right in and comment!

  2. So much fun to watch the way kids play and interact with each other – we adults could learn a lot from them I think. Also love the way their playing so nicely gave you some extra time with your friend.

  3. Here via Perfect Moment Monday… What a great story! It is awesome to be able to truly live in the moment and go with the flow when you and your kids are having a good time. It is so nice we take the time to do that. Good for you (and your kids)! Thanks for sharing and nice to *meet* you! Thank you also for visiting my blog and commenting on my PMM post! 🙂

  4. This story really reminds me of probably the most perfect moment of my childhood. I was probably seven or eight, my sister about five or six. We had cousins who matched us in age and gender. We lived in New Jersey, and they were in New York. Anyway, they were down for a visit (it was about an 8 hour drive), and had stayed a couple nights. My tradition had been to run after their car as they left. This time, I guess they’d been expecting it. They stopped, and after only minimal discussion, my sister, my mom and I joined them for the ride back to New York. I felt like I accomplished that, just by running after their car. That was magical for me! Now that I type this 25 years later, I bet that my aunt and my mom had expected me to do the “chasing the car” thing, and had talked it out ahead of time. But to seven-year-old me, it was magical.

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