Hallmark Moments and Milestones: TELL THEM, Indianapolis

Last week, the Hallmark Moments and Milestones Tour made a stop in Indianapolis, and brought all of their Hallmark goodness with them.

I’ve admitted to playing card store before, so it’s no surprise that their newest campaign, Tell Them What They Need to Hear got me right in the heart. Before I say anything else, let me open this blog post how they opened our session:

Everyone You Know Has Something They Need to Hear 

It’s a simple concept, really. It’s a simple concept, but in today’s world, not always the easiest to put into action.

We took a little time at the event to think about and then share who we need to tell something to-we even had pretty cards to print our ideas on.

Here’s the thing. There are a lot of people I need to talk to. Which is funny, because pretty much I’m “talking” on the Internet all the time. Real conversations are harder to come by. Talking on Twitter and Facebook is much like small talk at a party- you’re not going to get too personal or too deep on public social channels. There’s also the fact that some of the people I love the most aren’t online at all.

During the workshop, I started to formulate a plan. It’s safe to post here because my grandma is one of those people I love who isn’t online.

On October 17, 2013, my grandma will be 100 years old. I think a milestone like that deserves some pretty serious celebrating. I’m going to start the celebration this month, and tell my grandma something she needs to hear every month leading up to the big day. I’ve already written out her “Happy 100th Thanksgiving” card, and will mail it soon.

Tell Them. Go ahead. You’ll be happy you did.

A Hallmark artist starts with a block of wax, sculptes the ornament and then goes ot the craft store to design his clothes. Amazing!

During the event we also heard from Hallmark writers, and a sculptor of Keepsake Ornaments (truly amazing process). Christmas is a time when there are some really special things from Hallmark, including Keepsake Ornaments, recordable storybooks, personalized cards (and invites! and plates!) and their newest edition, Interactive Story Buddies.

The Discount Code: Are you already planning your Christmas cards? Hallmark can help. On Hallmark.com, you can design your own personalized cards, and Hallmark will even mail them for you. It’s kind of amazing. Invitations can also be designed, as well as party plates with personalized photos. Are you ready to create? Go to Hallmark.com and do just that. Then use this code BLOG30 to save 30% off your order!

The Giveaway: Just in time for the Holidays, dear reader, you have the opportunity to win an Interactive Story Buddy  (have you seen them? they are amazing)! Just leave me a comment- tell me who you’d like to gift the book to, or who needs to hear something you can tell them. Additional entries can be earned by liking Family Fun in the City, tweeting and following me on Twitter (just follow along with the fancy Raffle Copter).

Make sure you use your best email and I will pick a winner Wednesday evening, around 9pm. The winner will have 24 hours to reply, after which, if there’s no response, I will choose a new winner.

Good Luck!

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