A Day with Daddy

Sunday BgK took MaM to her first official NASCAR race. Here in the racing capital of the world, you can either embrace or avoid racing, and over the years, we’ve come to embrace it. It took me awhile, but I got there. We love going to “the track” for all kinds of events.

When Indiana Dairy offered us tickets, I was hoping for a date day with BgK (I still dream about that one year, at the 500). As it turns out, we decided that BgK & MaM would be the duo best suited to enjoy the day together.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has gained another life long fan.

“What was the best part about the race today, MaM?”

“The ice cream.”

“What else did you like?”

“The cars.”

“Did you have a favorite car?”

“No. My favorite color is pink and there were no pink cars.”

“Did you have fun anyway?”

“Yes! I love the race track with Daddy!”

And there you go. That last phrase, right there? It’s kind of what I live for.

Thanks again to Indiana Dairy for setting us up with this great tickets! Check out their Facebook page or follow them @INDairy to learn more about the dairy industry in our fine state.

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