I started this post TWO MONTHS AGO, but it’s only going live now because I am lazy. I was waiting on this post because I wanted new photos to show you the handiwork that’s been done. But then we got busy, and we didn’t get anymore showings and we put the punch list aside…and it never happened. Then Tuesday we got the text message that we had a showing Wednesday. We kicked into the high gear, and then documented it.

Here’s the part I wrote as the summer was just starting:

Happy June, Everyone! (how is that even possible?)

We are into hour 4 of summer vacation, and so far, so good. Actually, if I’m really, really, quiet, I think maybe both kids could fall asleep at any moment. Shhh…

This week, I called in a professional for something.

Thankfully, it wasn’t a repair, it was an enhancement.

It turns out, a friendĀ  of a friend (whom I met through blogging four years ago) does house staging, and she graciously offered to help me out.

After looking at my house for nine years, I’ve stopped seeing it. After having the whole thing painted last winter, we didn’t put any wall hangings back up. I couldn’t picture our furniture being positioned in anyway that would change the visuals of the room.

I stole the before pictures from our MLS listing, and while it was clean in the pictures, in hindsight it was stark.

Living room, empty mantel
Kitchen, with one big table and one little table.
Dining room, with a side table and a large, black, trash can.


With a vision, talent and some furniture moving, my home was warmed up and rearranged, all with things I had either stashed in a closet or out somewhere already. The only thing I need to go find are two pairs of table lamps and matching nightstands.

July 28, 2011: The showing went well, but they’ve opted for another property (we think). Want to see what they saw? Here you go:

The kitchen, minus an odd table.
New living room set up, little visuals on the mantel, console table behind the couch with a new lamp....
Dining room has the side table at an angle, with a new lamp, and a print on the wall.











I still need to get night stands, and I ended up only getting one set of matching lamps. But it’s an improvement, right? Anyone interested in a townhouse in a nice neighborhood? You know where to find me.

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  1. Wow! Those little changes make quite an impact. The rooms look great. Hope they work their magic – like an offer in the near future. Good luck!

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