Spectacular and SIX

Today MaM turns six.

She’s getting her ears pierced this week.

She’s lost SIX teeth, and the permanent teeth are almost all grown in.

She’s reading books. (She’s getting this Beverly Cleary boxed set
for her birthday. SO EXCITED for it!)

She’s swimming like a fish.

She’s writing letters to her former teachers.

She’s working on riding a two wheeler.

She still refers to everyone as her friend, and introduces herself to anyone who looks like they may speak Littlest Pet Shop, Barbie, Princess, Star Wars, Cars, Fairy, or Kid-in-General.

She is amazing.

I’m kind of biased, but this girl is the best there is.

I am so honored to be her mom, I can’t even stand it.

Happy Birthday, my sweet girl!

8 Replies to “Spectacular and SIX”

  1. CRAZY!! she is full on GIRL now, not that little baby I remember. So happy to see her grow into a tall, active, fun young lady. and I notice in the picture she’s not wearing a dress :). Sending her the happiest of birthday wishes!

  2. Thanks, mama2roo. I feel like life is just zooming by. She’s ditched the dresses this summer- they got in the way of monkey bars, tire swings and rock climbing!!

  3. Will NEVER forget the day this sweet girl was born! Happy birthday Megan-what a wonderful family you were born into!!! Love to you all!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Yes, 6 years ago was a VERY unoforgettable day – I was so blessed to be a part of it (by phone!)…. WOW. But I remember the night before well, too – You having your last dinner as a family of two…..

    So funny – I looked at the calendar today and thought – Hmmm. 8/3. whose birthday is that? And figured it was an old boyfriend from the teen years and it was still stuck in my brain. At work I looked around my cube walls, and when I passed over the birth announcement – YES – her birth announcement is still on my wall, as is Jr’s it hit me.

    WOW 8/3/05. Oh my goodness! Had to get on here to check out the bday post…. Makes me wistful!

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