It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time!

girl scout cookie box artA few weeks ago I waxed poetic over at Persephone on how much I love that MaM is a Daisy Girl Scout. I mean, I am really enjoying her whole Daisy Girl Scout experience. The field trips, the friendship, the unique experiences….I just love it all so much.

Then we went to the Girl Scout Cookie Rally last night, and my joy was brought to a whole new level. We got her cookie order form (it looks just the ones I used in 1985) and the manila money envelope — I think the National Office must have ordered 5.5 million of them back in the day, because they are exactly the same. Exactly.

The price, of course, has gone up. Cookie counts, of course, have gone down. Boxes are now $3.50 each, and some cookie counts are as low as 14. But they taste exactly the same, and man are they good!

Something I found interesting when looking at the cookie order form is that a) all ingredients and nutritional info is listed for each type of cookie and b)the ingredients, for the most part are pretty basic.

Only one cookie has HFCS, the Dulche De Leche (listed in the containts less than 2% of the following section), and only the chocolate varieties (Thin Mints, Samoas & Tagalongs) contain Partially Hydrogenated Soy Oil. I think that’s a testament to the fact that the recipes really haven’t changed all that much since I was selling these yummies myself.

New (to me, anyway) is the program “Operation Cookie Drop”, where patrons can donate the equivalent to the price of a box of cookies and a box of cookies will be sent to military troops. Here in Indiana, the cookies are sent to the troops being processed in and out of Camp Atterbury.

We can officially start taking orders today — leave a comment if you’re interested and I will email you to confirm!

(MaM does need to be involved in the process, so she’ll be making some phone calls & writing thank you notes)


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  1. As the cookie leader for my daughter’s troop, I can attest to the wonderful things this program does for girls. I credit cookie sales as the number one thing that improved my daughter’s confidence when she was a Daisy in Kindergarten. She was so excited about selling cookies that she forgot to be shy as she walked around my husband’s office telling everyone that she was going to be the top seller in her troop. And, if I can make a plug for the cookie maker (owned by Kellogg’s), they do not make money on this project and the cookies (for Michigan at least, and probably for Indiana) are produced right here in the Midwest at Little Brownie Bakery in Louisville, KY. Talk about keeping jobs local! So, forget about the calories for once and enjoy a box!

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