Still For Sale…..

In just a few weeks, we’ll be passing the one year mark on our storage unit. It’s been a year since we decided to put our townhouse on the market, a year since we replaced the carpet and had some bathroom updates done in hopes of a quick sale. A YEAR.

It’s frustrating. Only one townhouse in the neighborhood has sold all this time. There have only been five showings. Each time there’s a showing, after I’ve frantically cleaned the house, I reward myself with an hour or two of looking online for our new home and perhaps some new furnishings. Sometimes I just look for things totally different that what we have now (post-college random, I like to call it) and imagine a house full of  modern decor. Sometimes I think about room colors, or dream about a two car garage.

Then a small child sprints back and forth across the room and I’m snapped back to reality*. And I realize we need to get St. Joseph upside down and into the ground, pronto.

*Seriously, the children run sprints back and forth, from one wall to the other, both upstairs and downstairs at all hours of the day. These kids need a basement, or a bonus room, or an indoor dog run of some sort…..

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  1. ~sigh~ here’s where I burst your bubble…we have ONE child, a house with a halway to run, a basement, and a yard–and its NOT enough room to contain the energy of the boy. We’re looking into something with different space allocation as well.

  2. A finished basement would be heaven. I don’t know how many times the past 2 weeks I’ve had to remind AP that we shouldn’t jump on my new furniture (because couches really aren’t supposed to look like the one we got rid of)!!!

    Sigh. Looking ahead to March and a FLorida trip. Dad says he’s going to suffer because it’s only getting up to 76 there today…. With sun. And a pool. Outside.

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