Wendy’s Four New Salads

I love gift cards. Permission to shop or dine on someone else’s dime is always something I enjoy.  When Wendy’s offered to send me a gift card to go to lunch, how could I say no? I love gift cards and I love all the work that Wendy’s does on the adoption front through the Dave Thomas Foundation, AND I love lunch. Win-Win-Win.

The gift card was to purchase one of their new salads, salads made with prepared in-store with fresh, premium ingredients. At the very end of our BlogHer road trip, we stopped about an hour from home with the kids for dinner.

I ordered the Baja salad, which feature pico de gallo, fresh guacamole, assorted greens and chili. I will be honest–I wasn’t expecting the chili (I didn’t read the description, just looked at the pictures, and I didn’t really see chili in the photo), but I have to say that it was tasty. The lettuce was crisp and fresh, and the whole salad (except for the chili, which was added last) was ice cold, which is crucial in a tasty salad.  The guacamole was yummy, and the whole salad had really good flavor, and it was a big enough salad that it felt like a meal.

Of course we finished our meals off with Frostys….can you really go to Wendy’s without getting one?

Disclosure: I was sent a $10 gift card to try one of the four new salads at Wendy’s. I ate the salad and I liked it. So there.

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