Stolen Moments

So week two of school-for-MaM-no-school-for-me has come to a close. Jr and are getting into a good routine, and I will be the first to admit: I LOVE IT. It’s by far the very best part of our most recent life changes.

I’ve conferred with my friends who all have or have had children in school and just one young one at home, and it’s official: having your child load reduced for a few hours each day, it’s like a vacation. Not the fruity-drinks-on-the-Lido-deck kind, but more like a nice hike in a State Park kind. You’re still going to break a sweat, you’re still going to work a bit, but it sure as heck isn’t like having all (or you know, both) your children around all the live long day.

So what have we been doing?

We’ve been going to library story hour.

We’ve been meeting friends for coffee and lunch.

We’ve been hosting friends.

We’ve been playing a bizarre version of tennis where we use a tennis raquet like a hockey puck and hit a wiffle ball down the driveway.

We’ve been grocery shopping.

We’ve been watching Sesame Street every day at 10:30, and Word World every day at 11:30.

We do some secret things we don’t talk about with MaM , like steal away to the Children’s Museum with friends who are visiting for the day!

He’d like to start motorcycle riding lessons next week, but I think we’ll be holding off at least for a few more months…..

Want to learn more about the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis? See my post at the SavvySource City Guide!

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