Savvy Source City Guide: Indianapolis

So this month of June, which has just flown by, has been a busy one here at Kahuna Manor. Besides transitioning from going to work to being on summer break, having Jr turn two, AND having MaM lose a tooth, I’ve been busy on the internet.

I SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED a NaPoBloMo, which is kind of amazing. And really, it wasn’t a big deal or very tedious, except for this past weekend when I posted really lame posts from my iPhone really late at night. Other than that? It was fun.

But here’s the new: I have a new internet gig over at  I am the new city editor for Indianapolis, and I’ve worked my fingers to the bone building content for the Indianapolis page to launch. In about two weeks, I’ve built all of the content currently on the page. I now know when and where storytimes, free movies and special events are happening around the city. It is very cool and very fun and I’m looking forward to featuring ALL of what Central Indiana has to offer!!

So….go check it out if you’re so inclined. And let me know if there’s something around Indy you love that I’ve omitted, or if there’s a special event coming up that I can add. I’ll be adding events weekly!

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  1. passed the website on to my niece in Indy and she is now in love with you. She thanks you for adding the age ranges to activities 🙂

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