Party Crashers

Last night we went to the local playground to enjoy the absolutely perfect weather. My social little MaM walked right up to a group of kids playing & said hello, and was off and running. In a few minutes, Mam and one of her new friends realized that they knew each other from the week Mam had spent at the daycare at the very beginning of summer.

Turns out, that big group of kids were cousins. And they were all there for a birthday party. The grown ups were at a few picnic tables across the lawn. Before I knew what was happening, we were invited over for pinata hitting and birthday cake.

It was crazy, but very fun. And I mean, really, who in their right mind ever passes up birthday cake?

I only wish that  BgK had been there–a) to confirm that it was happening, and b) to take more pictures in that special way that he does.

A man named Peanut helped the kids with the pinata.

The uncle who asked me if was OK that MaM walk over to their table talked to me about his girlfriend’s breastfeeding 3mo old.

MaM told me that when we were singing happy birthday she didn’t say the birthday girl’s name because she wasn’t sure what it was.

Jr was tickled to run around and play soccer with three other toddlers.

The bag of candy from the pinata was a total bonus:

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  1. That’s such a BigK type of thing to do- jump in on the fun. I can’t believe he wasn’t the main crasher! like father, like daughter.

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