40 minutes to spare

Today, I *almost* didn’t blog. But here I am, more than 1/2 thru the month’s challenge!

Tonight was super fun– went to a Hasbro House Party & got to play the new version of Trivial Pursuit with friends. It’s the old game with a new twists… Topics as well as categories, and what are, essential, piker chips! That right, not only do you answer questions, you get to be whether your friends will answer correctly or not. Plus? You can BUY pieces of pie. It sounds crazy, but it’s true!

It doesn’t hit the shelves til August, but we are SO getting this when it comes out!

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  1. Hasbro house party? Sounds like too much fun! Was this a one-time deal or should I expect to get an invitation to one of these from my friends soon?

    1. Well the company “house party” throws all different kinds of sponsored parties, for people who sign up to host them. It’s very fun! (free party supplies for a few photos/review)….so you could be getting an invite to some sort of house party. You never know!

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