Her Turn

A bazillion years ago, I was a flower girl. I wore a floor-length, bubble gum pink dress, my Dorothy Hamill bob was smooth and I carried flowers. I remember nothing about the day, I only know what I know about my big day through pictures. I also have a delicate necklace with a cameo charm (it was 1978, I think) that I have always treasured as a keepsake.

Flash forward 30 some odd years, and it was MaM’s turn to be a flower girl. She’s not quite five, but she got to wear a hot pink dress, wear a tiara and carry a cute purse full of flowers. She shared the honor with her cousin, and the two of them did a great job. They then proceeded to dance the night away at the reception.

MaM fell asleep in my lap at 9:30pm, and she kept her beautiful hot pink dress on until bedtime Sunday. She was fancy, and girly, and LOVED just about every minute of it!

Aren't the flowers in the purse the cutest???
They walked down the aisle SOO nicely!
This is the youngest Mc brother and his lovely bride!
The three of us....the boy spent the weekend at Camp Grandma
Of course I had to try on the tiara!
This little girl DANCED, DANCED, DANCED!
My fav shot of the night--the cousins sat down to watch the bride and groom dance.

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  1. Loving how summer means you have more time to blog!

    Sooo sweet to see her experience such a special moment in a girl’s life…. Just as you did.

    Interesting choice of wedding color, there…

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