Grown in My Heart: Poetry Carnival

Most recent fam photo--day downtown didn't work out as planned. We were so hungry and parking was such a pain, we just had a minivan picnic. Go on, tell us we're classy. We know.

It’s carnival time at Grown in My Heart, and this month’s topic is Poetry.

I have to admit, I don’t think I’ve written a poem since I graduated high school. It’s never once occurred to me to record my feelings, my experiences, my family’s experiences or the topic of adoption by means of a poem. NOT ONCE.

So thank you, Marcie, for pushing me out past my blogging limits.

Have a poem ready to go? Are you up to the challenge of coming up with some prose? Post it on your blog and then link up at Grown in My Heart! (Black turtleneck & clove cig not required)

Twenty Minutes Away

So close, and yet a world a way

Twenty minutes via the interstate

If things had worked out differently,

The brother and sister sound asleep upstairs

Would be twenty minutes away via interstate

And we wouldn’t have ever known them.

The way things did work out?

Not better or worse

Just different.

Twenty minutes via the interstate,

Yet a world away.

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