Before and After

An Update on Operation: LIST THAT HOUSE

I should probably be taking before and after pictures as we pack. But the before pictures would be embarrassing (so!much!stuff!) and the after pictures? The after pictures would mostly be of opaque boxes and empty space. Well, eventually empty space. we haven’t gotten that far yet.

How far have we gotten?

90% of the children’s toys have been culled and packed. We’ve got three boxes of things we’ll keep in the garage so we can rotate them. Two diaper boxes full of packed books. Two larger boxes of toys that will go into storage. 4 bags of toys/stuffed animals have gone to Goodwill. 1 giant trash bag made it to the trash.

100% of Christmas is packed and ready to go into storage.

The rest of this week’s task: returning all the items that have been loaned to us–baby clothes, baby gear, baby toys, etc.

We are also hunting down a good pre-approval deal. Once that’s done, we’re committing to moving into storage. That’s it for now. Off to sort more stuff….

2 Replies to “Before and After”

  1. Ugh. At least I can help a tiny bit, as long as I don’t find anything else to GIVE you once I take some clothes off your hands!!!

    Can’t wait to talk to you in person about this!

  2. Sounds very impressive! Good for you! Just mindblowing how much wiggles in the corners and the cracks! Good luck with it!

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