Our 12 Days of Christmas

Our Christmas Tree 2009
Our Christmas Tree 2009

Today is the 12th Day of Christmas–it’s also know as the Feast of the Three Kings or the Epiphany, the celebration of the three wise men making their way to visit baby Jesus. It’s funny, but by now, Christmas seems really far away. When I think back to all that we did and experienced to on our two week vacation from the every day, it’s a little overwhelming. We unintentionally had an action packed holiday, and loved every minute. I tried to do a post wrapping up the holidays to the tune of the 12 days of Christmas, but it proved to be too much. Instead, a few numbers kept popping up. So here’s our break in reveiw….4,3,2,1 style!


Four day road trip to visit family and celebrate

Four Family Christmas Celebrations

Four Visits to Museums (Conner Prairie, Healthworks, Indianapolis Museum of Art and The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis)

The Fox at the Indianapolis Museum of Art
The Fox at the Indianapolis Museum of Art
MaM on a rock climbing wall the the Healthworks Museum
MaM on a rock climbing wall the the Healthworks Museum


Three Medical Appointments (in one day)


Two Drop-Off birthday parties (as if MaM needed to get any older, she now doesn’t even want me to get out of the van)

Two trips to the movies–MaM and I saw the Princess and the Frog, BgKahuna and I saw Up in the Air


Here we are ....we met 12 yrs ago on NYE

One New Year’s Eve Party

One New Year’s Day Party

One “just because” Party

One Dinner Out

All this adds up to One fabulous holiday!

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