Happy New Year! We’re Off and Running…

Well, not really running. But I did workout this morning, the first time in a loooonnnggg time, so I’m feeling a bit proud of myself.

I am working (i.e., I have locked in my head) a sort of holiday break recap–I loved every.single.minute of our two weeks off of work/school. Everyone was healthy, and our two weeks were filled with family, friends, adventure and laughter.

I’ve been doing some thinking about what to post lately…what do I want to say? What do you like to read about? Do you really want another story about my small roommates? Do I want to post so much about small roommates? I’m still mulling it all over.

This morning I saw a link to a new link-up at Inexpensively.com – Money Saving Money. Since we have just taken a big step that could seriously effect where our money goes in 2010, I think I ought to join up.


You read it here first–we are moving forward to list and sell our townhouse, and find “the” house. You know, the house we will hopefully stay in until at least the smallest roommate grows up. The house that our children will remember, the house that will be big enough for us to host birthdays and holidays. The house that will have room for house guests. The house that will have a backyard that doesn’t slope into a rentention pond. The house with a two-car garage. The house.

Why now? Honestly, it was a bit on the Today show on New Year’s Day. Two points caught my attention–the fact that entry level homes ( our townhouse) are rebounding first, because that’s the price range people can afford and the move-up buyer’s tax credit. Basically, if you sell your first house and buy your second house, there is a $65oo tax credit. It’s only good until April, but we could make it, who knows.

So, our short term goals for 2010 are:

1) meet with a realtor to discuss the likelihood that our unit will sell in a timely manner and at a price that won’t put us upside down

2) make a list of what needs to be done before we list the house

3) get pre-approved for a mortgage, and figure out how much of a down payment we can afford. In conjunction with this, we are really curbing our spending to bolster our nest egg. I will be consulting inexpensively.com a lot.

While we are doing this, we are purging like mad, cruising the oh-so-addicting MLS listings, and putting together our wish list of features we’d like for the new house.

What are your goals and dreams for 2010???? Link up at inexpensively.com!

2 Replies to “Happy New Year! We’re Off and Running…”

  1. Wow! What a great goal to star the year out with – excited for you, girl! Thanks for linking up at Inexpensively. I hope we can play a part in making your dream come true.

  2. HA! Your small roommates!

    The day after we chatted the other night, I was giving Reid a bath and he asked when we were moving to a new house. He said our was broken and crumbly (??) Perhaps he’s distressed because of all the painting and stuff we’ve been doing, including tearing out old woodwork and doors for new.

    Hope you can get the deal done by April.

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